Nancy Pelosi's Hamilton January 6th Anniversary Song

What’s wrong with these people? Is Pelosi’s bubble so thick that she couldn’t even see how cringy this comes off as? I HATE seeing stuff like this.

As rants belong in the Pit, moved this from P&E.

Also, please describe the video much better next time you start a thread. This isn’t Facebook.

Could you please explain what it is that you find cringey?

I crush so hard on Lin-Manual Miranda. I loved it.

Why are we singing a song to commemorate a day where Americans tried to overthrow the government? Is that an appropriate response to how all of this has played out to you? If she, or anyone thinks it will play well for people outside of her bubble, they are delusional.

I’m sick of how weak we look to people who are ACTIVELY bullying us, and this sappy song is a pathetic response to these people. Is this going to unite people? What’s the deal? Why do I have to explain this? Jesus Christ, this, (the way Republicans MISSTREAT us,) is serious shit…

I can’t think of a crush I have that would not make this look tone deaf.

I’m sure if we could all sing in unison, we will resolve this whole thing.

I say stupid shit on here sometimes… I don’t think I’m wrong here.

I haven’t seen Hamilton and didn’t see the Pelosi thing, but (and this is just based on a few things I heard) the song not about overthrowing the government, but overthrowing a tyrannical British government?

If you wanna end war and stuff, you gotta sing LOUD.

“Dear Theodosia” isn’t about overthrowing any government. It takes place after the Revolutionary War has been won, and is about building a better world, a better democracy. It’s a gorgeous piece of music. It’s also, in this context, cringey as hell.

I’m curious, what exactly are Republicans doing to unite people? Is this solely the responsibility of Democrats? Republicans create, foster and encourage division. They themselves should stop doing that.

Maybe. I’m not saying it’s anyone’s specific responsibility to unite the country, I’m just saying that the I’m lost to the purpose of the song.

Seemingly, If we weren’t so interested in bipartisanship, we would be getting more done.

Nothing. Weird rant.

Also weird link in the OP. I ran it and didn’t hear any singing.

Here is the link to singing.

Sorry if it’s weird to you. I just think we look incredibly weak, and worry about our electability in future elections. I know the MAGA people have done worse things, but democrats aren’t really inspiring those who would much rather throw their hands up, and disengage.

What’s wrong with YOU?

Too harsh. Couldn’t retract. Sorry.

What’s wrong with pushing a VERY popular song within a VERY popular contemporary play about the founding of American Democracy when American Democracy is under such grave jeopardy?

It seems to me that Mrs. Pelosi is trying to remind us where we (as a country) came from and what we are supposed to hold dear.

Of all the things that have happened in the past week, this is what you were so pissed off by that you had to start a Pit thread over it? This?

And you say “we” like you want us to think you’re a Democrat, but, again, of all the things that have happened this week, this is what really pissed you off?

So as a good Democrat, you went ahead and started throwing shade at the Democratic Speaker of the House? For trying to remind people what was fought for, both in 1776 and on January 6?


You think trying to make a better world for everybody’s kids is weak?

Not sure that I want to know what you think is strong.