Nanny 911 6/13

This episode is making want to find a drive through hysterectomy center. I know it’s all in the editing, but Jesus Christ those kids need to STFU. As an aside, I find it absolutely loathsome when children capable of walking have pacifiers crammed in their mouths. Ugh.

I do feel sorry for these parents–those kids are completely out of control.

Was this the one where the kids called their pacifiers “dodies” ? If so, it’s a rerun. (I also get Nanny 911 and SuperNanny mixed up, so who knows…)
Anyway…The darlings should have been weaned off of those things long ago.

Yes, this is the “dodie” episode–I somehow missed it the first time around.

As I recall, the only thing the parents accomplished by leaving those damn dodies in their kids’ mouths for years was to make them utterly dependent on them to get to sleep.

  What really bothers me is that this phenomenon isn't isolated.  What is it with all these preschool-aged kids walking around sucking on pacifiers?

Well, they’re gearing up for their indigo-child Ecstacy-driven teen years, of course.

Frankly, I find every episode disturbing. Yet like so many train wrecks, I cannot look away.

Is it just me, or do the parents get more training than the kids.

There’s a show in the UK where the most hellion kids are turned into angels by the expert changing the behaviour of the parents. The expert never meets the kids, but observes their behaviour and the parents behaviour on film. I scoffed but it works brilliantly.

“Driving Mum and Dad Mad”? That’s showing on Norwegian TV right now, and yes, it seems to be working. Though two of the families, I think, are lost causes. Army Dad and Whiny Single Mom have just too much invested in their roles as helpless parents of impossible children to want to change right now. I still haven’t seen the last two episodes, though, so maybe I’m in for a pleasant surprise. The other three families are doing much better.

I watched the Nanny 911 “dodie” episode one night after our bright, energetic five-year-old son had gone to bed. When the show was over, I tiptoed into his room and kissed him in his sleep. Next morning I told him I’d watched a TV show about a girl his age who wouldn’t go to sleep unless she had her pacifier and her sippy cup, and he was horrified. This is why I like these shows. It makes me count my blessings :stuck_out_tongue: