Napster--What *is* that little picture--cat or bat?

The title says it all. The Napster symbol is a little animal face wearing headphones, but is it a cat? Or is it a bat, in some way related to the “Goth” trend back when Napster got going?

Mr Smoke-Too-Much: I was attacked by a bat.
Bounder: A cat?
Mr Smoke-Too-Much: No, a bat.


It’s a cat.

The logo is sort of free-associating on NAPster. (NAP=Network Access Point)

Cat-nap / Hipster / Cool cat.

Do cats eat bats? Do bats eat cats?
[begins freefall drowsing]

Its a cat.
And Larry Mudd, I believe Napter was named so after its founder, Shawn Fanning’s nickname given to him by his friends. He love to take naps, hence the name Napseter. At least thats what I read in Y2K.

Although if you were happened to see the remake of The Italian Job, you heard the real story. :wink:

Oddly enough, this was a question on Jeopardy yesterday.

The Jeopardy folks seem to agree it’s a cat.

I thought it was because his hair was nappy.

The Spectre obviously missed the “Napster’s back” promo.

It’s a gnat.

Hmm…I would say the “Goth trend” significantly predates Napster.