Narbonic is free this month.

Narbonic is an awesome webcomic done by an awesome lady by the name of Shaenon K. Garrity. You should all be familiar with it.

Anyway because it has been nominated in two categories, Outstanding Writing and Outstanding Comedic Comic, for the Web Cartoonists’ Choice Awards it is free, including all of the archives, untill July 3.

So this is your chance to get caught-up in one of the best and funniest web-comics out there.

So get reading.

Heh, I have been reading this webcomic for quite a while now, and do agree that it is hella funny.

First comic, my reaction: “What an ugly drwling style! How unfunny!!”

Every other comic after that: I" Ilike the way she draws the ladies. Very funny."

Thank you, OPer.

Your welcome. It is a really good comic that more people should read.

Regularly, I read Shortpacked, You Damn Kid, and Sore Thumbs. This is my first time reading Narbonic. I love it.

I have much love for Narbonic.

Of course, it helps that one of the characters (Iris, the woman in Dave’s gaming group) is based on my lovely wife, who’s friends with Shaenon. :smiley: