NASDAQ Ringing of the Bell - in person questions

So my boss just IMed to ask me to take his spot in a group of people who are doing the ringing of the bell at NASDAQ opening on Monday morning.

I know nothing about it, just told to meet some people in front of the building a few minutes before. I figure I just stand there and try not to look bored, but if anyone’s done this before is there anything special I should know about it?

Also, my wife would like to see me on the stage but it appears there’s no public viewing gallery? Is that correct?

Thanks in advance

Well if the market does something odd that day, chances are you’ll be part of the montage of stuff on the news. My mom’s friend did it once. Just wear a suit and smille when the time comes.

Resist the urge to throw a stack of $1 bills off the balcony to the trading floor below.

Fortunately, the NASDAQ doesn’t have a trading floor as such, so you’ll only have to resist the urge to throw a bucket of bits at the network switches.

It is always shown on CNBC.

Wear a monocle, a top hat, and carry a cane. I hear that’s how to dress for success at NASDAQ.

And make sure you have a couple ‘o’ Benjamins peeking out of your breast pocket.