Nashvegas Dopefest in April?

We haven’t had one in a while, and it seems likely that a few of us will be gone when our subscriptions are up, it might be nice to have one last blow out. What say ye?

I’m in.



Count me tentatively in, please.

Don’t think we’ll make it (unless there’s hockey going on then), but here’s the link for the last one for the vanity searchers!

Mayyyybe. Life will be busy, but I’ll do my best to make it, whenever it is.

Someplace that doesn’t have acoustics like the last joint.

Sorry to butt in, but “Nashvegas”?! Love it! I recall there is somewhere in Australia that also uses “…vegas” as the end of the name.
Is this just your nickname, or is it widely used.
(Again, sorry for the interruption, but as a Las Vegan, this amuses me…)

It’s somewhat common, but certainly not a term used by everyone.

How does Saturday, April 26th work for everyone?

I’ve got a friend in Nashville I’ve been meaning to visit; consider me a definite “maybe.”

Count me in…just give me a time and place.

So, anybody have any suggestions? Or any place they’d rather not meet at?

I want to be there! I will double check that date and woo Zeldar in that direction.

Hmmm…in late April, it should be warm enough to either have an outside venue or a place with patio dining…easier to hear each other.

NOT the microbrewery.

Or anyplace else that has tiled floors.

So noisy, it was like meeting in a boiler factory.

I’ll toss out some suggestions:
Ceaser’s on White Bridge Rd (good Italian food)
Green Hills Grill
Macaroni Grill
Pie in the Sky
Wolfgang Puck’s
La Paz
Parthenon Park
Shelby Park
Cedar Hill Park
Cheesecake Factory
La Paz
Thoughts? Votes?

Does 6PM work for everyone?

Since a large number of us are in Rutherford county, I vote for somewhere here, or between the Boro and Nashville.


Parthenon Park.

Perhaps Stones River Battlefield?

Stones River Battlefield sounds cool…

Say, here’s an idea: Why don’t we change it to May 3rd @ 11 AM and meet up here?