Nashville Dopefest

In this thread , there was some interest (enthusiasm) for having a Nashville Dopefest. After gaining mod approval (thanks, Gary), I’ve decided to get input from interested Dopers.

Several questions:

Date: What is good for everyone? Early enough in the spring, outside venues are definitely an option.

Place: Inside or out? What part of Nashville / Middle Tennessee? Several of those of us interest are in Rutherford or Wilson counties, so somewhere on the east side would be good. However, if we have a lot of out of towners, to be fair, whatever direction the majority will be traveling from would be best.

Activities: Adult only or family oriented? Be responsible for our own meals or have a potluck? Anybody want to bring acoustic instruments (if the venue is suitable) for entertainment?

So, what do y’all think?

Outdoors and picnic styled. Saturday. Before June. Adult preferred, but kids okay.

Location okay anywhere within 50 miles of Nashville.

I will be in TN for Bonnaroo in June, so if its around that time near Manchester…

Count me in for any time at the weekends, but not the last three weekends in April (unless you know, you want to do a Huntsville DopeFest too and watch me give public talks on astronomy!) :wink:

I agree with this but would prefer some place south of Nashville if not in the city itself.

Adult preferred, anywhere is fine, I don’t play an instrument.

The 'boro would be conveniant for Bonnaroo attendees and** Aesiron**, but if you choose elsewhere, I’m okay with that.

Angua - I’ll bring my new telescope and you can show me how to use it!

ETA:Hmm…we could have a floor-sanding party at my house!


Can’t promise I’ll be there. Hard times in the family.

Bonnaroo’s in June, and I’m going. If it’s held around that time, I likely can’t make it.

Nashville itself is fine. I’d just prefer to not go beyond the city.

Well, if we have it in June, it will likely be an indoor event. Any ideas?

Like others who have replied, I strongly prefer an adult event. I’m game for in the city or out. I think that an outdoor picnic type event would be the most fun. I’m booked next week and the last weekend in April (anytime on the weekend is understood that I’ll be taking time off work - that’s cool).

Just my $.02. Whatever the group consensus is will be what is planned.

Sounds like a plan to me!

I’ll keep an eye on this thread, but can’t make any commitments. I’ve got a 7 month old, so working around that might be difficult.

So far, we’re skewing towards outdoors, May, south - southeast of Nashville, adult only. C’mon, Nashville (and area) Dopers, let’s get your $.02 in. :slight_smile:

(Even if I’m not sure I can make it, I can still make suggestions, right? :p)

If I remember right, Murfreesboro has a pretty nice park (Old Fort Park). Lebanon does, too (Don Fox Park), but I think I’m the only Doper that lives here. I’m not sure how far out of the way it would be for everyone.

If you do go with a city park, someone might need to get an approximate headcount and call the appropriate city department to reserve an area, unless everyone’s cool bringing their own blanket.

Just a few thoughts.

Actually, I was looking at Old Fort Park, considering our 'Boro contingent. Don Fox Park would be convenient for me (I didn’t know you lived in Lebanon - so do I) but they don’t permit dogs and I know of a couple of folks who would like to bring one.

More suggestions, folks! I’ll be putting them together this week for a vote.


Old Fort is fine with me. On Saturday the 24th I’m taking my mare to the vet’s barn to be bred. I should be done dropping her off by noonish. Sundays are okay, too.


Old Fort Park would be great for me. I may have to bring my son because I’m a single mom, but will try to make other arrangements. And I know Brynda will be up for it and pinknotes210 will probably come along also. I think the picnic idea is great! May 29th looks like the best Saturday for me.

Thanks for heading this up!


If I come, it’ll be a last minute thing. I’ll keep an eye on the thread for the arrangements. We have several things that might be happening in May, and we usually travel Memorial weekend.

My vote would be for some big 'ol bar or restaurant in Nashville :), but I realize that’s not everybody’s thang.

since somebody just pointed this thread out to me, i thought i might bring my obnoxious ass, but then i realized i divorced her, so i’lll just show up by myself.

Murfreesboro or Lebanon are both fine with me - I kind of live right in the middle of Lebanon, the 'Boro, and Nashville. Don’t know if I’ll be able to make it or not - we have small kids; and my wife already thinks I’m weird for talking to strangers on the internet. :slight_smile: