Nashville Dopefest

Yeah, there’s that too. That’s why a bar or something makes it an easier sell :wink:
I did manage to drag her to one in Ann Arbor a long, long time ago where she met such luminaries as Tomndebb, but there was alcohol involved.

It sounds good. I’ll try to make it.

So far, my list shows 17 people interested.

Of those, 4 want to have it before June, 1 in June, 1 not Memorial weekend, and 2 not in April.
Seven of us are east of Nashville, 2 are good within 50 miles of Nashville, 1 would come while visiting Bonneroo in Manchester, 1 is for south of Nashville and 1 with a preference of in the city.
Eight have suggested an outdoor event with 1 prefering to meet in a restaurant or bar.

Outdoor options: So far Don Fox Park in Lebanon, Stones River Battlefield and Old Fort Park in the 'Boro have been suggested. I’ll add Shelby Park,Nashville (east side), Cedars of Lebanon State Park and Long Hunter State Park. It has been recommended that if this is a picnic Dopefest outdoors, that we have it before June, when the weather begins to get hot.

Indoor options: Any suggestions? We’re a bit more flexible on the dates if we have this in an air conditioned restaurant or bar. Our last Dopefest was at Blackstone, but there were noise issues there.

Dates: Sometime during the weekends of May 7, May 14, or May 21 looks best for most of us wanting an outdoor picnic. Saturday or Sunday?

Speak up! :slight_smile:

Nashville or environs fine with me too. The date doesn’t make much difference, but if it’s outside, it’s soon going to be hot & humid…

I might be able to come. No promises.

shelby is a nice park… with lots of shade.

Right now, if I can figure out how, I’m looking at making a poll. Needed are some indoor options in Nashville and the 'Boro. I’ll post a link in this thread when it’s finished.


Old Chicago Pizza?

On Old Fort Park, in front of Target?

Great food.

Crowded, though.

Just adding my name to the probably list. :slight_smile:

I am fine with anything, really, except for Chuck E. Cheese’s or similar places, and if we do indoors, a place with beer would be nice.

wherever we pick, we need to do it soon. It’s already June-hot and it’s only April.


I’ve just posted a poll in IMHO.

St G, May seems to be the month, according to my spreadsheet, that works best for most who have expressed an opinion.