Nasty, nasty fashion

Just saw a billboard featuring a model wearing 3/4 length cargo pants and strappy high heel shoes. Is there * anyone * who finds this attractive???

Ooh! Ooh! I do.

I hate 3/4 legs on pants, and I hate 3/4 sleeves on tops. I am tall, with long arms and long legs, and to me it’s just a mockery of the difficulty I’ve always had finding clothes that fit.

I saw a girl wearing it at Starbucks. The new satin 3/4 length cargo pant, with a ribbed cotton tee and little strappy sandals.

She looked cute. I hated her.


Depends on the whole package, no? :wink:

No, I’ve been saying this for 3 years now. CAPRI PANTS MUST GO! Unless you live on a flood plain there is no reason/excuse for them. Also: high heels with casual pants? That’s so disco/hooker!

I love 3/4 length pants. I would wear them year round if it wasn’t freezing for 3/4 of the year here. Some of us have thighs that just shouldn’t see the light of day.

High heels, however, should be banned worldwide. I will never forgive the fashion industry for the mental anguish they put me through trying to find a pair of ivory dress shoes to wear for my wedding that weren’t four freakin’ inches high!!! My husband is only two inches taller than me, so I had no desire to tower over him, and besides that, I hate the little friggers.

Little friggers being high-heeled shoes, that is.

I think they look ok on some folks, but I’m sure not one of them. I look perfectly dreadful in “floods” as they call them here. Looks like my pants shrank up in the wash.

I used to wear high heels all the time, but those days are pretty much over for me. I’ll stick with my full length flares and knock-off Birkenstocks.

I think the capri pants are nice for certain women, I mean its kind of like a lengthened shorts, incase its too chilly for short shorts, or perhaps the woman doesn’t want her thighs to be showing, but its too hot for full length pants?

High heels… well, I’m a guy. Can’t really comment on those, but I would NEVER wear those even if I was a woman, I’ve seen the toes of women who do… the pinky toe eventually gets crammed into the next to it… ouch. Not worth the pain imo.


twickster I actually like the 3/4 or 5/8 sleeves because I can look like I’m wearing a long sleeve shirt without going through the trouble of finding a shirt that actually has long enough sleeves.

Same goes for the pants, I just haven’t been able to find any capris I like lately.

As for ugly, what about those lace-up boots with the high, pointy heels, with the baggy pants tucked into them. I think I saw a picture of J.Lo (shudder) wearing them. Fugly.

I’m trying to get a mental picture, fiz, and the best I’m coming up with is those old pictures of Englishmen adventuring through the jungle. Maybe she was on hooker safari?


The pinky squash is the least of our worries. What about the bunions, the sore arches, the aching spine…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: stuffed bras must go. They are an insult to womankind. Be you an buxom D cup or a pleasantly perky A, there is no reason to pad out your bras. It’s just… wrong. It smacks of insecurity. A male friend of mine told me it was very disconcerting the first time he took off his gf’s bra and she magically transformed from a C to a A in two seconds flat.

Padded swimsuits are a crime against nature. I don’t want to dive into a pool only to find my top floating while the rest of me doesn’t.


How about those new high heels that are patterned after work boots? Made of nubby leather, with ankle padding and workboot laces… but with STILETTO HEELS.

If they were platform espadrilles, yes.

Otherwise-no, it is not good.

Not to make myself out to be some stylin’ judgmental fashionista, but :eek:

I’m from Oklahoma, as we are all big haired individuals with bad accents according to common blanket statements, perhaps my opinion shouldn’t matter.

I think it depends on the actual pant and the actual shoe. If it is a casual capri pant with a casual high heeled sandal, fine. Work it, girl. If you mix a nicer pair of one with a casual pair of the other, I’d like you to stay away from windows, off my sidewalks, and out of public places, kthx.

I love my 3/4 cargos! They’re perfect for slipping on with a cute little tee in Summer. I wouldn’t wear them with high heels though - it looks good in some fashion spreads, but not a look that I’d replicate personally.

I have beef with jeans tucked into ugg boots. Blergh!

What do fashion magazines and billboards and stuff have to do with reality anyway? I had no idea there was any correlation whatsoever. Is this something I should know about?