National Geographic's new USA map (lame)

It’s been widely reported that Americans suck at geography. I’m sorry but I’m too lazy to do the cite listing, but please take my word for it. Americans can barely id other nations on a globe; many can’t even pick out the USA on a globe.

So our esteemed National Geographics magazine decides to put out a new USA map as a supplement to the Nov 2006 issue.

What a work of art. :rolleyes:

They took the 48 contiguous states; cut them off of North America, and dropped them on a white field. Similarly they dropped a disembodied Alaska and Hawaii.

Nothing else, no Mexico, no Canada, no Oceans. No picture of the hemisphere with the USA highlighted, or showing the relative positions of Alaska and Hawaii to the mainland. Nada.

Is it just me, or what the hell were they thinking? I can imagine this attrocity hanging in classrooms around the country. We need all the “geographical” help we can get, and NatGeo dropped the ball big time.

Well, it’s not like it’s called International Geographic.

Seriously, I agree with you, though it bothers me more when the Weather Channel does it.

It shouldn’t. Mexicans are too poor to have weather.

Perhaps they figured that the 18-24 year-old Americans included in their survey need to at least learn where places in their own country are before expanding their minds to international matters. Baby steps, you know?

After all, according to the survey (warning: PDF), only half of these young Americans could find the state of New York on a map!

Are you trying to tell me that there are other countries in our hemisphere? When did that happen?

Clinton administration. Fucking democrats.


Is this what happened in that NAFTA thingy I heard so much about?

This is so scary it might actually be the reason. :eek:

I blame James Monroe!

CMC fnord!

Seriously folks, I opened this thread because I am geography nut, I love maps, and I used to get chills waiting for the next National Geographic map when I was a lot younger.

Something changed in their leadership; they turned from decent map making into
makers of posters. Their stuff over the last decade has reminded me of these news posters we got in grade school, that had a shitty map in the center with numbers drawn on hot-spots of news, with corresponding news articles ringing the map.

And they repeat the same “maps” in short time frames. I think they did two Mt. Everest maps within the span of a year. Mt. Everest!

I can think of 50 places that they’ve never covered with a decent scaled map.

I had hoped that maybe one of the dopers actually work for NatGeo and might respond or at least look into it. But I dream…

According to my map, this thread should be right over…here. Next to Oregon and Vermont. You know, America’s heartland.

Also known as MPSIMS.

Bwana Bob - Sorry about the joke. I love maps too. Do you have any of the beautiful maps from Raven Maps ?

Isn’t Canada mostly snow anyway? I mean, except for the curling rinks and Mounties and stuff.

It’s a bitch about Mexico, but you know, maps of the U.S. never show the good parts anyway. You see grungy places like Tijuana and Juarez near the border, but they cut off the cool places like Cabo and Cancun that a person might, you know, actually want to go for spring break or something.

These are beautiful - but I really got the bug from Nat Geo mapos of the 1950’s.

I pretty much have all their maps from the 1910’s on. I’d love to have som way of having them readily accessible. Now they’re in folders sorted by decade. Takes up lots of room.

I think I know where they are! Are they over by Texas?


And oil. You know, nothing important.

Not that Raven maps seem to have a map of Canada in their North American portfolio either… but they are nice-looking maps.

And diamonds. And grain. And water, for when the US finishes using up all of theirs. You know, nothing important.

I haven’t cracked open the map yet. I have the same love of maps that the OP has, and I papered the walls in my home with NG maps when I was younger. Sigh. It’s the end of an era.

The U.S. is really big you know. Most people that grow up here and stay here for their whole lives never even get to visit over 30 or so out of the 50 states at that. We have big mountains, prairies, subtropical beaches, deserts, and the Mall of America. They could include some overseas tidbits on the maps but you have to ask yourself what is the point? You can spend years visiting exotic landmarks around the world or you can stay on the Las Vegas strip for one weekend and see (newer and cleaner) versions of the same thing (while slipping in some quality time with lady luck on the side).

The fact is that most people don’t NEED those extra places on their maps. It isn’t like the ink is free and they are quite frankly a distraction when I want to plan my next cross-country drive. I thought we were supposed to be against needless waste and excess. A functional, minimalist approach is refreshing and efficient in this case. Show us the part of the world that we will actually use.

And comedians, and maple syrup, and hockey, and some awesome Dopers.


For the record, it was a joke. They don’t work as well in this forum. I’d pit the mods for moving the thread, but they’d move that thread as well and I’d sound even stupider.