naturalist=nudist...since when?

In recent times, I’ve heard the term “nudist” often replaced by the more PC (I’m guessing) “naturalist”. I was wondering when this happened and how this sits with those who study nature and have to explain “no, I’m the kind WITH clothes”.
Now, every time I hear about “naturalist” John Muir, I have to supress the mental picture of him playing volleyball in the buff :eek:!

Naturist, not naturalist. As you observe, “naturalist” is John Muir. “Naturist” is somebody who frolicks on the beach in their birthday suit. I’m sure somebody will be along to explain the evolution of the term.

While I suppose this could be considered a great question for the ages, it was mistakenly submitted to the GD instead of GQ forum. Mods, feel free to move it. Thanks.

in the words of Emily Litella…“Nevermind.”