Naughty Dopers

Not that I’m planning anything nefarious :smiley: But I’m curious - how do Mods keep track of naughty Dopers? Is there an invisible report card on our profiles where they make secret notes? Also wondering, how do Mods have meetings? Dothey create invisible threads that only Mods can see and post to?

IANAM nor do I play one on TV but I think there are forums which only mods can see and have access to. They certainly keep track of warnings issued.

The warnings themselves never fall off your profile. Or, at least, mine haven’t yet.

Are they actually visible to you?


Yes, they are. They are both at the bottom of my User Control Panel, as well as in an Infractions tab on my profile page. I assume by your statement that you cannot see the latter, which makes me happier.

This only goes since they have implemented the current infraction system. And I must admit that all my Warnings were less than a year ago, so I don’t know for sure. But they do claim an expiration date of “Never.”

Yes, with the current infraction system, which dates back about two years, I think (I can’t remember whether or not it was in place when I became a mod, which is 22 months ago; if not, we started using it soon after), anyone who gets an official warning has a tab in their profile with link(s) to the warning(s). The person can see this, and mods/admins can see this, but other members can’t.

Unofficial warnings do not get logged, which is why we occasionally have a situation where someone is acting up, but not to the point of breaking rules, and getting admonished (not warned) by multiple mods without actually getting official actions – we just don’t realize that the person is acting up because there’s no central log.

Although there is a secret mod forum, most of that is for record-keeping – all official warnings are cced there, there’s a list of name changes, a list of “they’re on the same computer but it’s not sockery, they’re SOs” couples, and a very, very long list of spammers, with usernames, email addresses, and IPs. There’s also a list of warnings given before the automatic system was put into play. We can search that if a long-standing member’s record is under discussion.

Most mod communication takes place on a mod email loop. (BTW, mods get a lot of email – probably 20-30 per day, at least for me, since I moderate two busy forums, MPSIMS and Cafe Society, and all post reports go there. Most of us have a dedicated email account for the SDMB because there’s so much email activity.)

Anyway, we have a mod email loop, and that’s where we discuss all mod business. When we say, for instance, that someone’s posting status is under review, what’s going on is that an email is going around on that loop where people can weigh in. IOW, when we’re discussing banning vs. suspension (or how long a suspension, two weeks vs. four), that happens on the mod loop. All kinds of stuff goes onto the mod loop – for instance, if someone isn’t entirely sure how to act in a particular case, he or she will say “here’s the post, here’s the situation, here’s what I’m thinking of doing… whaddya think?” And sometimes we do discuss someone who hasn’t accrued any warnings yet – “I’ve had a couple of run-ins with this person, and notice he’s doing XYZ in the Pit – he on anyone else’s radar?” and the like. And if you ask for permission to do something and the mod says “let me check and I’ll get back to you,” the request goes onto the loop – “so and so wants to post such-and-such – does anyone have a problem with that?”

Also just some joking around and snarking, because we’re all Dopers first, mods second.

Hope this helps,


You clearly have not discovered the power of chocolate.

It all goes on your Permanent Record.

We have access to Santa’s List.

SDMB is set up similar to most boards

Landover Baptist forum has at least 3 levels (4 is rumored) of fora.

The 'unsaved trash and everyone else can see the main board.

“True Christian” status gives you access to another level where strategy is hashed and rehashed, and lots of personal stuff between the true christians get discussed. They also share quite a bit of porn (really) (they are atheists after all) (LOL)

Above (below?) that is a moderator forum that keeps an eye on the true christians and is where invitations are generated to promising unsaved trash to become true christian status. Sometimes an individual (the 4chan gang) (real christians don’t seem to be smart enough to spoof that well) spoofs the board well enough to get an invite to true christian status, and then they have a problem with someone in on the ‘big secret’ that is not committed to the cause. Their fate would be discussed at that level.

There may be a level above that where the ‘cabal’ of owner(s) keep reign on the mods

Also, there is quite a bit of overlap between the true christian level and the mod level. true chrisitans can report posts and those reports are received in the mod forum and dealt with by which ever mod is on duty.
Anyone wanting to experience true christian status at Landover, just start posting their and ‘play the game’ with them. Curse sin and sinners, quote outrageous bible verses, and just suck true Christian butt. Sometimes a hundred posts (sometimes it takes 500) is all it takes and a mod will PM you and quiz you a bit to see if you ‘get the idea’.

at 4chan, it is getting to be the ‘in thing’ to infiltrate Landover and report back to the rest of the denizens. A friend of mine is quite active there, and that’s how I found out all about Landover.

Probably be fun to infiltrate some ‘real’ religious sites too . . .


Just for the record, on this site instigating board wars or attacks or infiltration of other boards is very strongly frowned upon.

I was at the live lesbian sex shows this weekend with my buddy in town from upcountry. I suppose that was naughty. Does this go on my permanent record?

Do you want me to warn you not to do it again.:wink:

If you were a comely lass, you could spank me, but I suspect you’re not. :frowning:

Thanks Twickster, for the behind-the-scenes look

That’s really intriguing, but confusing. There’s some forum masquerading as a Christian site, manned secretly by atheists? What’s the point of that exactly?

It’s a parody site. Supposed to be an example of Poe’s law in action–it’s intentionally completely over-the top, ultra-conservative to the point of being absurd. That’s entertaining in itself, but the real comedy comes when innocent browsers are ensnared into believing that they’re serious. Whether the victim is a liberal atheist, and the pranksters respond to the outraged e-mail/post by pulling their leg harder, or a conservative Christian who’s trying to agree with them, only to be nonplused when the response from the site owners indicates that they don’t think the poster is really Christian enough for them.

It’s kind of funny, I guess …

What are the “points” about by the infraction list? Is it like points on your driving record?

It’s built into the standard version of the function. We don’t actually use them.

It’s funny?