NAVA? How are you doing?

I’m hearing talk about riots in Spain and wondering if you’re taking collateral damage.

Yeah, I know that’s like you saying, “Grestarian, are the California Wildfires burning near you?” when California is a pretty huge place. But I know less about Spain than the average European knows about the media-hungry USA.

Anyway, please tell us you’re safe.


Not riots, but a terrorist attack. More info can be found in this thread:

Nava is OK, in any case :slight_smile:

No riots, three sonsabitches with a van and I’m nowhere near. Thanks for caring :slight_smile: Asked for a merger with the other thread open about the incident.

I’m glad you’re okay.

Reminds me of the time there was a killing tornado in Southern Ontario (I was actually in one of the villages it destroyed the day before), and back at the apartment I got a phone call from my mom, who was in England: “Are you okay?'”

Seems the English news had shown death and destruction, and only subtitled it, “Ontario”. With no other location info. And this was just before the internet was widely-available to civilians, so no googling the details…