NBC series Life cancelled.

According to Ain’t It Cool News, Life has indeed been cancelled.

Damn shame…it was a great show. :mad:

Just shows how little I’ve been watching TV lately…I’ve never even heard of it!

I’m not at all surprised. Even though I really enjoyed it, I know it just wasn’t popular enough to stick around. It would be nice if some cable channel like TNT would pick it up (I wouldn’t think it costs more to produce than “The Closer”), but that’s just wishful thinking.


Nooooooooo! Dammit, that was my new favorite.

That’s the show with the guy who has a teeny tiny lemon-sour mouth.

Phooey. I knew that there was a very good chance of this happening… but it still blows hairy donkey balls. :frowning:

TV has entirely too many procedurals nowadays, I know, so it’s not like it’ll leave a giant gaping void in my viewing schedule (unlike, say, Pushing Daisies which I will mourn for years to come). Still, they had a good twist on the basic formula and some genuinely interesting characters, dialogue and plotlines.

They’re sooooo going to regret putting Leno in the 10pm timeslot. Who the hell will want to watch when all the other networks are still running proper programming?