Neat invetions or service you would like to see.

I was looking at my bed this morning and seriously considering getting a maid. (Of course that didn’t happen and I had to make it myself.)

On the way into work I started ‘brainstorming’ on neat ideas for products or even services that would be handy to have. (Like Dial-A-Bottle.)

What sort of ideas have you had that would make your life a little easier? [sub](When I asked co-worker this question, he said, “A wife that didn’t nag.”) Pretty good idea! :D[/sub]

Krispy Kreme home delivery.

A glow-in-the-dark plant.

Not terribly useful, but it would make a great nightlight and would be very pretty too.

Well I have had thoughts about opening a store called DVDelivery. This is probably in place elsewhere, but not here. It works thusly:

You go to the DVDelivery website and see the DVDs we have available. Select what you want, it’s charged to your credit card, and a driver is dispatched with it in hand to bring it to your home.

A Bra-of-the-Month shopping service. Bra manufacturers mail me five bras every month for me to try on at home at my leisure. I don’t like 'em, I send 'em back. When I find the right one, I buy a lifetime supply of 'em, since the implacable laws of the universe cause manufacturers to discontinue any bra I like within days after I first discover it.

I want someone to invent a pill that makes sugar taste awful. I could take it in the morning when I’m feeling strong and the pounds would just melt off.

Then I wouldn’t need the KrispyKreme delivery!

for service i’d like for hotmail and the like give a way to download emails into a folder say on your desktop for storage and reading so that i can stop getting those damn ‘your inbox is full’ notices.

[li]A replacement for flossing - it sucks.[/li][li]Something to warn me when I’m about to eat too much. (Besides my wife.)[/li][/list=1]

A completely non-stick self cleaning stove top. A needle threader that works with beading needles. Clothing that cat hair won’t stick to. I also want Vietnamese restaurants to deliver. Mmm… pho…

It’s called outlook express.

A service that will record shows for you on VHS and deliver them to you. Good for when you REALLY want to see something and you don’t trust your broken-down VCR. Also, for a higher price, you could request that a show on cable be recorded for you.

Another service that would be great: a video store that has old television shows. Like, you could rent all of the old episodes of M.A.S.H or The Twilight Zone.

Can you tell I watch a lot of TV?

Frozen Krispy Kremes. You just put them in the oven and viola!

Underoos for grown-ups.

I want a beard trimer with a built in vaccuum so that when I trim my beard (or gotee in my case) those damn hairs don’t get all over the place.

Also I would like a lunch box with a built in microwave.

Widespread and affordable artificial intelligence and robotics technology, like in Star Wars. There’s something about creating superpowered sentient beings as my servants as a hobby that’s always appealed to me. :wink:

Failing that, one of those old TV show retreival services outlined above. That’d be nice, being able to find old favorites without resorting to video piracy. Did I say piracy? I mean’t, um, “privation”. Yeah, that works…


Great idea!!

Actually, a friend of mine is in college studying business. His goal after graduation (at one point, anyway) was to start a fast-food delivery service. It would work the same way as pizza or Chinese delivery, except if you wanted a burger and fries, call Jeff, and a driver would be to your house ASAP. The burgers and fries would, of course, be of higher quality than, say, McDonald’s or Burger King, and this would benefit the truly lazy. (or, in his case, those who smoke a lot of pot.:rolleyes: )

I was thinking something along the lines of a robotic car. Just type in the address of the place you needed to go, and ::POOF!:: it would take you there the easiest/fastest way it could.

Maybe some day, with all the technological advances, I could see it happening.


Not neccessarily a door to door service but I heard is similar to what you’re talking about…can order DVDs online and all you have to do is pay for shipping to your place…and you can have it for as long as you want…something like that…not too specific but yea… (too lazy to check :smiley: )


Spray on sunscreen. In the Australian summer it’s a daily ordeal to smear the horrid stuff all over your exposed skin. Made even worse by the SPF 30+ gear we have to use now. This stuff is the consistency of toothpaste and it’s terribly difficult to rub in. Especially on to hairy skin (meaning forearms, of course.)

So I’m eagerly awaiting the invention of non-gooey suncreen in an aerosol form.

Dude: do you have a freezer? Do you have Krispy Kremes? Do you have ziploc bags? Then you are set. Place Krispy Kremes in ziploc bags. Seal 'em up and put them in the freezer.

To serve: put on a plate, sprinkle with water, and nuke 'em for 10-20 seconds. (Experiment to find the exact number of seconds, of course.)

This works PERFECTLY with the plain glazed donuts, which is all I ever get. (Jam, “creme”, icing, etc. just takes away from the purity of Donut Essence.) They never get frosty or deteriorate in any way - I think the sugar glaze seals them.

Nearest Krispy Kreme to me is an hour away, so I buy several dozen at once. Luckily, this is quite inconspicuous.

You mean this?

Ooh! The future must have arrived already! I must have this product immediately. To my hover-car!

Re: DVDelivery, once upon a time there was a service called that would do exactly what you described, within an hour. You could return the videos by either calling them to pick it up (for a fee) or dropping them off in one of many dropboxes around the city. It was wonderful.

Then it went all wacky, selling convenience-store items and gifts.

And then it went under.

But it was so lovely while it lasted. I could get porn and cartoons at the same time, delivered to my door!