"Neck Juice"

This one might be a bit hard to explain.

Throughout my life, I’ve noticed sometimes when I’m sitting in, for example, school, I hear a noise/sensation coming from inside my neck that of liquid being sucked through a very small tube. Ok, bad example. I can’t think of a better one right now. I think I get the basic point across though.

I’m guessing it has something to do with my spinal cord or something. Can someone give me an answer?

I hope it’s not your spinal cord.

Do you have a hideously malformed Siamese twin growing out of your body? If not, I’d guess the noise is a sinus/inner-ear noise.

I second ** j.c. **. If you can hear your spinal cord, something’s definately amiss.

I’ve had this too. And to be honest it freaked me out. However there seems to be a simple explanation.

I seems to be just intestinal gas. I have experienced this a many times. But, a couple of times, when my S.O. had her head layed on my stomach. She said something like “Wow did you hear that… your stomach has just rumbled”. I heard “squelch… squelch… spinal column…”.

It looks like it is just that the sound is being conducted by the bones to your ear (so it sounds internal) rather that you hearing the actual “tummy rumble” that it is.

I have the same problem. It’s mostly just to the left or right of where the spinal bulge is on the back of my neck. It’s a squirting sound, and it sort of feels like a thick liquid with lots of floating particulate matter getting squeezed through something small, as if a resorvoir of it was squeezed and forced through a tiny blood vessel.

I always figured it was related to cracking my neck.

I would think its your eustration tubes adjusting to air pressure.

Nope it’s not the eustration tubes. I can clear these at will. No holding of nose, no needing to yawn (was really good when I did scuba…). In fact it’s a party piece that I can tell people what my heart rate is. It’s just a trick… clear the eustration tubes but hold the pressure then you can hear your own heartbeat. Count to ten, multiply be six. 1% accurate. Amaze your friends…

No. As regards to the OP. I think it is just the noise of gas movement that is being conducted through the bones…

The rib bone is connected to the spine bone…
The spine bone is connected to the other spine bone…
This spine bone is connected to anther spine bone…
This spine bone is connected to anther spine bone…

This other spine bones is connected to the skull bone which resonates enough got the ear to “hear” it.

How far back do those tubes go? Most of the time it feels as if it happens along the very back of my neck - further back and down than I’d expect those tubes to be.

I always figured it was related to cracking my neck.

I agree: I get a sort of “sqidge-squidge” sound when I tilt my head to the left or right. Something to do with the fluid in the joint, maybe forming cavitation bubbles as the rpessure is redistributed? Ew, it makes me feel queasy to write about it.