Need a link to the greek poster for "War of the Worlds"

I hope this is in the right place…

Since I just was in Crete and saw one - and unfortunately didn’t bring my camera along that particular day when I came across it.

I want it because I want to use it in my physics classes - to show my pupils the greek letters used.

I have tried google, but couldn’t find anything. Any Greek or google-fantastic dopers outthere who might be able to help me?

(based on the flag, Griechenland is the Greek one)

IMDB -> War of the Worlds -> Posters -> found a link to international posters.


Direct link, since they have it sized down for some reason:

Interesting that they don’t use the greek alphabet for the credits.


Actually the poster I saw had the credits in greek letters - it was actually the spelling of Steven Spielberg that caught my attention:)


I’m pretty sure that’s a pre-release poster - note that the date just says “2005.”

That is the look of the teaser one-sheet.

In the US the final look has a Globe and an alien hand holding it.
I’m not sure if the international look is the same, but I think it is.

Interesting… Hong Kong uses the same name as Japan for the movie, rather than the Chinese name.