Need a Song About Love! From 1945.

For my mom’s 60th birthday her sisters and I will be singing her selections from the decades of her life. This is the kind of the thing we do…

The organizing theme is Love. But I’m not familiar enough with 1945 to know what I’m picking, so I need your help. I’ve sent my aunties an email about this too, but it never hurts to consult the great Doper overmind. Actually I guess 1943-1947, who’s gonna know?
anyway here are the other selections

1955 Love Is A Many Splendored Thing
1965 Stop! In the Name of Love
1975 Love Will Keep Us Together
1985 The Power of Love
1995 I’ll Be There For You (yes, the Friends theme song, feel free to suggest a better match)
2005 actually need some help here too. Don’t people write songs about love anymore? I must be getting old.

All from 1945…

Frank Sinatra - I Dream Of You (More Than You Dream I Do)
Bing Crosby - (Yip Yip De Hootie) My Baby Said Yes
Dick Haymes - The More I See You
Perry Como - I’m Gonna Love That Gal

As the USS Caine sails home from the Pacific in 1945, Captain Keith recalls the song he’s heard throughout the last years of the war, from OKLAHOMA!, called “People Will say We’re In Love.”

They do for soundtracks.

The force is strong with you young Skywatcher . You have truly entered into “carlotta and her mom” mind. God, we both LOVED that movie and that number at the end. But it is not from 2005. Though I can probably make my mom and her sisters think that it is. :slight_smile:

Another candidate for a 1945 song, “If I loved you” from the musical Carousel.

For 2005 you could cheat and use Oh My Love from Lennon. It doesn’t open on Broadway until next week.

Also from 1945,

I Can’t Begin To Tell You By Bing Crosby

If I Loved You By Perry Como

There I’ve Said It Again By Vaughn Monroe (instrumental by Tommy Dorsey)

Till The End Of Time By Perry Como

A lot of my favorite music came out of the 30’s and 40’s. Glad to help.

“It Might As Well Be Spring”, from R&H’s State Fair, was also 1945.

“That Ole Devil Love” (Billie Holiday)

How’s it going carlotta ?

I’m up late, can’t sleep so I thought I’d throw a few more your way. Maybe give yiu a better selection to choose from.

I hope these are appropriate for your purposes.

From "46…Come Rain Or Come Shine by Miss Maggie Whiting

                 Prisoner of Love by Perry Como or The Mills Bros

From :44…It Could Happen To You by The Supreme Goddess of all Big Band Singers…Miss Jo Stafford!!!

A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening by Frankie Sinatra

(I Love You) For sentimental Reasons…Miss Ella

Near you…Andrews Sisters

Time after time…Ol Blu Eyes.

Good luck and I hope these help.

p.s. For the finale you could hit them with the Goddesses theme song.Best she ever did and my personal favorite: I’ll be seeing you. I could overdose on that song and, in fact, have, many times. :wink: