Need advice planning a bachelor party.

So one of my best buddies is getting married in June and I’m the best man, which leaves planning the bachelor party up to me.

In January, I sat down with the groom and we made a list of all the people he wants invited. I set up a Facebook group and sent out invitations. I put up a poll on what we should do, and everyone seemed to think a weekend camping trip with fishing was a great idea. So far so good.

The groom wants the weekend to be Memorial Day weekend, which severely limits who can come and what we can do. Fine, it’s his party so it’s up to him. Now I’ve run into a few snags with reserving a campsite. Either all the campgrounds within 3 hours of here have already been booked way in advance, or none of them allow alcohol. One campground was available and allowed alcohol, but they only allow 4 people per campsite and 2 tents.

The other guys have been of no help. When I put out messages pertaining to the party, only a few people (if any) respond. I have to chase down people to get their answers.

We’re getting down to the wire here and admittedly, I haven’t made this an absolute priority since I’m a full-time student and school always comes first. He’s willing to budge a little bit on the activity we do (like hitting Atlantic City for the weekend), but my budget for this is extremely limited. I want to give him a weekend he’ll remember but I feel like I have one arm and both feet tied behind my back. Any advice?

If you go with the campground make sure the strippers don’t mind working outdoors.

No strippers. We’re in our 30’s and 40’s and have grown up.

Anyone else?

Hookers, then?

You tried looking into any wilderness areas? There are usually no trails or “campsites” so you make do with what you find out in the woods, but that also means no reservations or limits on tents or alcohol. As an added bonus your shenanigans are unlikely to bother any close by campers.

I’d go for the weekend in Atlantic City.

Brown paper bags and red Dixie cups solves the alcohol issue. Seriously, check if the campsites are the kind where you have 3 sites within 10-15 feet every direction, or whether there’s some privacy. Last camping bachelor party I did we got yelled at to put out the fire at 11 or something. Poured a little water on it, waited 30 minutes, then threw more logs on. It all depends on where you are and how far “away” is.

Well, yes, the OP says there is fishing. :dubious:

Go to Atlantic City. Trying to find a campground suitable for this kind of event over Memorial Day weekend is going to be impossible, and nothing is less fun than wanting to drink and talk when everyone around wants you to shut the fuck up.

The state campgrounds around here almost all have one or two group sites. If you’re using an online reservation system and didn’t include those specifically in your search they might not show up. Also make sure you check county parks. They tend to be less known/busy and you might not be able to book online.

I’ve been camping at least a dozen times where alcohol is “forbidden” and it’s never been an issue.

AC would be fine. Toronto would make for a fun road trip. If you’ve never been camping at a beach campground, you might check that out but with the time crunch I doubt you’ll be able to find a site.

Getting drunk at a driving range is fun. Batting cage is too but dangerous. Paintball, go kart, skydiving… it’s hard to give anything more specific without knowing where you are, what your budget is, how many people, and your friend’s sensibilities.

At what age does one outgrow enjoying tits and ass?

Yeah, I hear the New Jersey whitefish are always in season.

Perhaps some cheese and wine then?