Need 'Nice' Bachelor Party Ideas

As some of you know, I’ve been lucky enought to find true love twice in my life. My first wife of 20+ years died three years ago. I’m getting married again on August 19th.

My best man wants to throw me some type of bachelor party. I’m not too wild about going to a strip joint and getting trashed. I’m 44 years old, my 23 year old son, and other family member will probably be present.

I’m not against drinking, and don’t even mind getting a little drunk I suppose. But mostly I want to have a good time with my friends. My best man and I used to play poker as far back as 15 years ago before the current craze hit. He suggested incorporating that into the night. (Although we’ve found that there are a TON of people who say they KNOW how to play poker, only to find out that they’re very one dimensional, and can only play Texas Holdem). Regardless, that was one of the suggestions, possibly with a perk that half the winnings go to the groom (hey! that’s me!)… whatever. I don’t care about that one way or the other.

Have any of you had a keyed down bachelor party? Do any of you have any suggestions? Sadly, the Atlanta Braves are not in town on this particular night. Some of the other ideas were to go an shoot darts, play pool, etc.

Help me out here.

Well, I’m not a bachelor, and I’ve never been to a bachelor party, but every bachelor party that I’ve heard about in the past decade seems to include go-karting.

Frankly, if given the opportunity to go go-karting with a bunch of my girl friends I would jump at it, 'cus it looks super fun.

So maybe go-karting?

How’s this for keyed down? I had probably the only bachelor party, in the history of bachelor parties, at which chess was played.

It’s almost, but not quite, as pathetic as it sounds. I’m a big jazz fan and so is the guy who organized the evening, and he wanted to work in some jazz, and the only performance that night was at a bookstore. At one of the tables, chess ensued. The groom, however, was enjoying the tunes. After the music was over we went to a bar and drank wine for the rest of the evening.

Wine and jazz…that was good enough for me. So, if there’s a kind of music you love, maybe you could organize your evening around that. Just keep your buddies away from the chess set.

Hey, there was chess played at my brother’s wedding reception - and he was one of the ones playing!

You could go bowling. Or play paintball.

I see your in the Atlanta area. You could always go to Dave & Busters. Food, drinks, video games, billiards, shuffle board, virtual golf.

My brother gave me a decent BP, but there were no girls & no porn. He rented a room at a casino, and we all went down and drank & gambled. Would have been way cool, had not 6 hours into it almost all the guests left to catch the bus home! :eek: Still, he meant well.

When his BP came around, I told my wife that this was a (1) time thing and that I needed to spend $2k from our savings. (She was surprisingly cool with that, God Bless her!) I rented a local bar out for all night & had dancers only come in. He and about 20-30 of his closest friends drank til 3, when all of the gfs/wives drove up to collect them & take them home. It was a great night; no boundries got crossed and all the gfs/wives were cool with it too. I think I even gave them all bottles of Aspirin and Tums as they left.

For one of my buddy’s bachelor parties, we got a big group together and played WhirlyBall, which is fun fun fun. You drive what is basically a bumper car with one hand, and have a sort of lacrosse/jai alai basket thingy in your other hand. With that, you catch, pass, and shoot the ball at targets high on the wall at each end of the arena. Does anything rock more than the feeling of catching the ball and nailing the target with a “skyhook” shot over your head? I submit that NOTHIN’ does.

Some years ago, I had to organize just such a bachelor party. It was actually pretty easy to do, and worked out well.

I arranged a private room at a nice restaurant. I also arranged for a barman, a keg of beer, and some soft drinks and sandwiches. The restaurant had a dress code of jackets and ties for gentlemen, which, together with the barman, helped make sure nobody got out of line drinking too much beer. We also had a few card tables, and cards and poker chips. All in all, it was rather elegant.

And the guys seemed to have a good time. Old friendships were renewed, and new ones were made. A few funny stories were told about the groom. There was lots of laughter, a few songs, and some small losses at the poker tables. But that was okay, since it had been agreed that the groom would get a small piece of each pot.

All in all, a very nice, gentlemanly evening. The groom certainly liked it, which was the important thing, but a lot of the guys also liked the idea of such a bachelor party.

Oh you poor simple girl. Is that where he told you they were going. :frowning:
My friends usually go with the weekend of drinking, strippers and debauchery, usually in places like New York, Vegas, AC or pre-flood New Orleans (yes…we have a time machine). But since that’s not what you’re after, maybe go with a nice dinner at a good restaurant. A day of golf or fishing is nice too.

I actually thought about this too. I wish there was some gambling near by. That sounds fun to me.


There’s actually a Whirlyball about half a mile from my house in Roswell, GA. I’ll have to look into that!

  1. Consider paintball. It’s always fun to shoot your buddies with paintballs, and you can maybe do it for about it would cost for a few hours at a strip joint.

  2. If you can travel a bit, maybe overnight, a fishing charter might be fun. Various deals are available, and some of the charters have a deal with a restaurant where they’ll cook your catch and serve it to ya with fixins and beer for reasonable prices.

  3. This time of year, a canoe or inner tube trip might be nice. You can usually get half or full day trips and rent an extra tube for the ice chest if desired.

I can’t help you, my husband went to Canada for 2 weeks for his stag- he had two friends who lived in Vancouver, and they ended up going to the Calagry Stampede.

Then, when he got back, all his other friends went to Galway, dressed him up as Spiderman and drove him around the city in a pickup truck!

So, if you can avoid that…you be fine.

Rent a boat?

For my bachelor ‘party’, my brother brought his 26’ sail boat up to a local lake. Me, my bro and two best friends cruised around the lake all day. Drank some beer and goobled sandwiches and junk food. Very nice day. The best part was that I was not ‘in charge’ of anything.

So, perhaps a party boat.

I think, the best man’s job should just be to put together a nice party that he knows you would enjoy.

Coworker had a low key bachelor party. They rented a huge limosine (for 30) and went bar hopping. They would hit a bar for a couple round of drinks, went and played mini golf, hit a different bar for a round of drinks, went to an arcade, etc… Each bar stop was followed by an activity. It ended with a drunken dunk at the beach late at night. Good idea while you’re hammered, I know. But it sounded pretty cool.

A guy I used to work with swapped with his fiancee for batchelor parties. He went out with her friends and she went out with his - all on the same night. He says they both had great nights out and everyone met up late to party on.

For my bachelorette party, my friends took me to a baseball game. Beer, hot dogs, cute ball players…good fun.

My husband went camping with his buddies. It sounded like they had a great time. Much booze was consumed, but there was little debauchery, as far as I know.

Wow, condescending much? :rolleyes:

I have heard of guys going go-carting at bachelor parties, it’s not unusual. Hell, sometimes they even do it before they go to the strip clubs.

Sober skeet / trap / sporting clays shooting if there is a place that would do it on rental basis and furnish ‘quality’ shotguns? Then barbecue and drink yourselves silly.

I’ve heard of paintball and whitewater rafting as good bachelor party ideas. Of course, my husband got hammered at a strip club. (That’s OK - I was there too! :smiley: )