Need an team name, hopefully electronic component related

I got volunteered to come up with a team name, and I’m totally blanking out.

Anyone have a witty idea, ideally a play on electronics somehow?

Work team, sports team or other?

The Resistors? The Processors? Gawd those are terrible. I got nothin’.

The Mega Hurts.

The Giga Biters.

Flash Drivers.



Circuit Breakers
Motherboards? Bored Mothers?
Flux Capacitors
GFI Could Only Win

Play on words. Sports name. You’ll get it. Hurts as in ‘we’ll hurt you’.

Carry on.

What are you playing?

The Traveling Wave Tubes?
The Hard Drives?
The Phase Locked Loops?
If you’re old school, and esp. if a five man team, The Pentodes
The Electro-Motive Force?
The Rectifiers?
The Super Heterodynes?
I got a million of `em.:smiley:

The Futile Resistors.

If you want to keep `em guessing, The Time Domain Reflectometers.

The Capacitive Reactance? Then you could just put Xc on the jerseys!

Work team.

Thanks for all the ideas. As of right now, I’m kind of grooving on “Flux Capacitors”.
Now why the heck didn’t I think of that?

The Silicon Nodules

One more! One more! ( dodging the cane used to remove hams from the stage).

Total Impedance! Zt on the jerseys!

Ack! ( the cane’s on my throat now).

Make sure someone get the number of 1.21 on their jersey.

Go retro with it:
The Cordless Phones
The World Wide Webiverts


I know it’s not electronic component-related, and I don’t know who came up with it, but I always liked the Fighting Ignorants. Most people wouldn’t get it, though.

The Integrated Circuits?

Edit: Or the Integrated Circus


The DIPs or DIP Switches

Rosin Corps Soldier(s)

The Ball Grid Array

The Wire Rappers (if you want a retro/hip-hop image)

Core Dumpers / Corps Dumpers (not really about components)

I can’t decide whether I’m trying to be helpful or obnoxious.

The Current