Need examples of "Oh no you DIDN'T" finger wave on tv/film/video

Do you know what I’m talking about when I talk about the “Oh no you DIDN’T” finger wave? I know I’ve seen it a million times in movies and on tv. A sassy girl or guy says “Oh no you DIDN’T” and waves their finger in the other person’s face (the person who DID).

Can anyone provide me with clip of someone doing that? My Google ninja skills are failing me!

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From Survivor’s second season (Outback, I believe it was) we have Alicia taking on Kimmi in one of Survivor’s first and all-time greatest arguments.


Awesome! Thanks, minlokwat. (She’s doing the finger wave in question at 51 seconds.)

Immediately what I thought of, too. The classic reality TV finger wave.

The T-1000 gets all sassy on Sarah Connor here (at about the 40 second point) after she playfully fires a shotgun at him a few times.

You can tell he’s all, “Don’t go there, girlfriend!”

John Lightgow getting finger-wagged by a monster in Nightmare at 20,000 Feet

Ah, you poached mine. Pretty memorable scene, considering I probably saw the movie almost 30 years(!) ago. I am amused by the part of youtube clip in which the crew chief shouts “I want to know about any fuel leaks on this baby” before he pops his cigar back in his mouth and climbs on the wing.

You didn’t say the magic word!

Fine examples of finger waving, all. But the Survivor one was exactly what I needed. The others a figner waving, yes, but I was looking for a little more ghetto sass. I think this type of finger wave MUST be done by a woman (or gay man).


Any episode of Martin featuring SheNeNe. The Gold Standard of “Oh No You Didn’t!”

None of these are what I’m picturing. The classic Oh No You Di’in’t requires a hand on the hip and a sort of head-to-hips body wag. No one other than an overweight black woman can quite pull it off.

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Alicia: “I will ALWAYS have my finger in your face!”

One of the most memorable lines in reality TV history.

Does this lady do it in the full movie Enchanted?

I think Frasier did a pretty good job.