Need help changing headlight bulb+Pic

I need to change the bulb on my 2007 Hyundai Azera. I looked at some vids but on my model car they are all the kind where you insert the bulb+1/4 twist to lock. When I looked at mine, the bulb is held in place with some sorta clip. I’m wondering if maybe the headlights were aftermarket from previous owner.

Has anyone seen this type setup? I posted a pic below. I cant tell if I need to remove the two screws or if it’s some clip mechanism i’m unfamiliar with. Tight quarters so pic may not be the best:

Yes, that bulb is held in by clips. if you look close, you can see where the pivot point is on the clips. you can just “peel them back” away from the center of the bulb, and the buld will free up. Installation is the opposite of removal.

Don’t remove any screws. Press the larger (hanging out) portion of the clip wire in (towards the bulb’s glass) then sideways (toward the centerline of the bulb). It can then be flipped away from the bulb, which will slide straight out the back. Get a really good look at it with a mirror if that’s not clear, it should be easy to sort out when you can see it all.