replacing the front turn signal bulb on a 2005 saab 9-5?

Can anyone give me any help here? I’ve done some google searches, but nothing has popped up. I’ve looked at the user manual, and there is supposed to be a clip that you can push down on from the inside of the engine bay to release the whole light assembly. The problem is, I can’t find this magic button. On either side of the car.

If someone has some pictures or can help me find this thing, I would be much obliged.


It appears the snap-lock catch is at the top of the turn signal lens/housing assembly, with its tab projecting into the engine compartment. It’s likely part of the housing and made of plastic.

This picture isn’t terribly clear, but I believe it shows the tab in the rear view, as the white spot oriented at about 7:00 from the black circle, halfway between said circle and the lower left corner of the lens housing as seen in the illustration.

From inside the engine compartment, project where the upper edge of the lens/housing assembly would protrude, and look for a small plastic tab.

Gary T, thanks for the picture. I will give this a shot, but the picture seems to have 2 possibilities when looking at the rear of the assembly. The one you mentioned at the 7 o’clock position, and the one at about 2 o’clock, which looks like it’s near the top of the assembly. If I’m reading your message right, shouldn’t I be looking for the top one, and not the bottom one at 7 o’clock?

Thanks. The owner’s manual gives no indication as to where it may be. Only that there is a tab in there that I should be able to push “down” on to release it.

No. The top one is at the bottom. :smiley:

The photo is of a passenger side lens. The front view is right side up. The rear view has it turned over, with the top edge of the lens facing and closest to the lower right corner of the picture (you can tell this if you carefully compare the various curvatures of the lens assembly). If you follow that white spot at 7:00 toward the right and slightly up in the picture, you can see where the ridge that ends in the release tab comes out of the top of the lens, at a point that’s about 4:30 from the black circle.

And by thus following it, you can see that it’s actually in the same plane as the top of the lens.