need help fast which sims 4 version gives you more deluxe party or sims 4 + dog and cats ?

k for xmas a relative wants the sims 4 …. Now my question is Should I go for the deluxe party or the newer sims 4 with the dog and cats ? and I can get party deluxe on a deal

I know I can get dog and cats later…

You definitely get a lot stuff with Cats and Dogs versus the Deluxe Party stuff. And you can add the Deluxe Party stuff later for cheaper than adding Cats and Dogs to the Deluxe Party edition.

So, without a deal, I’d recommend getting Cats and Dogs. The question then becomes how good the deal is on the Sims 4: Deluxe Party Edition?

Also, is this for PC (or Mac), PS4, or Xbox One? You can get the base game of Sims 4 for $10 right now for PC or Mac.

xbox one and 37.00

That’s just $3 cheaper, so I’d definitely say to go with Cats and Dogs.

I believe they could eventually add the Deluxe stuff for $15 if they want it. But it’s really just 3 Stuff packs, while Cats and Dogs is a full expansion to the game.

And the pet expansions to the Sims are usually the most popular.

Having played with pets in all the Sims games I’d say it’s always been one of the most significant expansions of any version.

thanks ill just get cats and dogs then