What Sims expansions would you like to see?

I’d like to see a Religion pack. It’s an area of real life that isn’t addressed in Sims, and I think you could have fun with it. Let Sims ignore the question, or choose a religion to pursue (I’d put in Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Wiccan, Atheist). Build churches/mosques/synagogues as community buildings where you can build fun, comfort, and social skills. Maybe include some kind of religious leader career path.

Of course, it’d have to be done with a sense of humor, which always guarantees someone will be annoyed. But I’d buy it.

What would you request for the next Sims add-on?

I’d like to see a Gor expansion pack. Visit your neighbors. Sack their homes. Kill them. Make their women your sex slaves. Mostly on Friday and Saturday nights.

“The Sims: Doin’ It”

How about Sims: AntiSocial Behavior.

Kids rebel against parents. Smoke pit and drink. Then hard alcohol and cocaine. Then rob the local convenience store to pay for an abortion. Steal cars and become outlaws. Get tattoos. Lose a tooth or an eye in a fist/knife-fight. Try to avoid becoming infected with HIV or hepatitis. Maybe become a pimp or dealer. Or maybe just a low-life user trying to get together enough money to pay their crack dealer for the next fix.

“The Sims: Grad Student”, if only to make my life more an irony filled morass.

I’d like the option to have my Sims do . . . LAUNDRY! It’s always subtly annoyed me that they could wear the same clothes for their entire adult lives without them falling apart and getting dirty. Only the option, though. I imagine it’d get annoying once the novelty wore off.

I’d also like a Sims 2 version of the Makin’ Magic expansion. I really miss my gardening lawn gnomes. And the gargoyle bench.

I like the idea of visiting your neighbors, but I’m not really keen on the idea of killing them. Mostly because I could see my brothers embracing it, and making regular raids on my Sims. And there’s no room for a modern Glastonbury Abbey on my computer.

FisherQueen, I think the religion thing would work best if they had made-up religions, rather than blatantly using Protestantism, Buddhism, etc. And if they do make one, they’d have to include a version of secular humanism, just because. And speaking of abbeys, I think I could cope with my Sims having a “calling.” I did have an orphanage runs by nuns in the original game.

I’d like something leaning towards The Sims 2: Prosperity.

Add in some new Career Tracks, and new jobs (like the barista and cafeteria worker of University… so the less skilled sims can make some quick cash too). Lots of plush items for the rich sims, like spa items, super-comfy beds and chairs, more party objects, and convenience appliances (Servo!!). More formalwear, and nicer clothes in general.

The weird creature of this EP could be Robots, you could make your own and program them a certain way, with enough money and skills. Robot chef, repairman, maid, gardener, or more. Or one that can do it all! Now that I think about it, I want a robot nanny…

Servo should come back. I miss him. He should be buyable; but expensive. Making robots should cost less, but it should take skill. Perhaps created robots could even be controllable, have relationships, etc. That’d be awesome!

As for the Religion EP, thats an interesting idea, but I always thought of ME as my Sims’ god! Throw in Pandaism and I might look into it. :smiley:

And laundry? I’ve never understood the want for Sims to do laundry. I loathe it so much in real life! Just pretend their clothes(and sheets, undies, and towels) are PermaScotchguarded. :wink:

The Sims: Small Business Owner
I would love a game that combined the community lots and residential lots. You could choose to have a standard Sim career, or your Sim could stay on the residential lot and build a business (store, restaurant, etc) that would open up the lot during business hours. How much NPCs were willing to spend could depend on how good you are at managing the Sim’s business – building skills to make products, spending wisely on advertising, etc.

The Sims: Apartment Building
I know you can make buildings that look like apartment buildings, but the Sims will treat them like regular houses, wandering in and out, eating other people’s food, etc. It would be neat to designate actual apartments that are associated with individual Sims or specific Sim families. A Sim who wanted an stereo wouldn’t be satisfied unless the stereo was in his own apartment, not his neighbor’s.

The Sims: Weather
No, seriously, I think it would be fun to have weather in the game. Also, what I would really want is something more like “The Sims: Natural Disasters.” I like to work to get my Sims very comfortable – good jobs, lots of money, nice house. Once you get them that way, it’s pretty easy to keep them that way. I think it would be challenging and fun to have them cope with game-generated disasters. I’m thinking blizzards, earthquakes, hurricanes, plagues of locusts.

I would also like some expansion to feature more of an in-game build/buy feature. Like if you want to buy more furniture, you should have to order it using the computer, then wait for it to come. If you want to rearrange it, you need the Sim to actually move it, with two Sims needed to move a couch. Single Sims living alone would need to influence visiting Sims to help them. This would be an option for game play, you could still build/buy the regular way. Honestly, I get the to the point where I’ve got Sims at the tops of their careers with maxed out skills, and there isn’t very much for them to do around the house. Rearranging the furniture and building additions would put them to better use.

Another thing that I would love to see is some better system of objects. I love the color options in the Sims II, but I still always get to the point where the wealth-driven Sims want the most expensive objects, and their houses start to look very similar. Having expensive/high environment objects in a variety of tastes and styles would be great. Or, if you wanted a particular cheap object because it matches the style you are going for, there could be a way of paying more to make it higher comfort or environment.

Sims: Inferno. You tortured them in life, why stop when they die?

Have you checked out The Sims Resource? It’s mostly a pay site, but the have nice free stuff. A subscription isn’t expensive either, $10 or $15 for a couple months. Mango Sims (it’s in French, but easy enough to navigate) has some nice furniture, too. I like the idea of being able to pay more to make an object more comfortable, though. And the apartment building.

I miss the pets from . . . uh, whatever Sims 1 expansion that was. It would be fantastic if the cats and dogs could be realistic sizes – so your border collie is actually bigger than your Persian. Pets and lots of pet objects. Kitty condos, hamster Habitrails for the entire house (preferably not in conjuction with the kitty condos!), flyball . . . ooh! Maybe a farming expansion. Even if Harvest Moon has already done it.

Your expansion pack already exists. It’s called “Grand Theft Auto.”

I love your Small Business Sims idea. I would buy that. I’ve also always thought it would be neat to have the Sims buy the furniture themselves too, but I’d envisioned them actually going to furniture stores to get it and then having it delivered later.

I would love to have pets, but only if you can put them (and only them, if you want) on automatic. I got tired very quickly of having to keep the pets occupied, too.

I used TSR a lot for the first Sims game, and then a little bit when I got II. My game was so buggy (the worst being that stupid headmaster thing where he wouldn’t come over anymore unless your Sims moved) that when I got Univesity, I decided to give it a go without getting any DLed content, and I’ve been bug-free ever since, which is a nice change. I love a lot of the stuff on TSR, and I still look at it longingly! Hopefully some day it will inspire me to learn how to make my own objects.

The Sims: Computer-Game Players. In which the Sims install the Sims® on their PC and begin playing. Buy expansion packs for them. Watch as they get so immersed in the game that they don’t pay attention to job, family, etc…

I want one that allows for more of the seedy side of life in interactions. I want to be able to murder other Sims. I want to be able to give babies and children up for adoption. I want unplanned pregnancies. (Oh heck, maybe we could even have Sims choose what form of birth control to use–and have appropriate failure rates.) It should be an option to have a polygamous or open marriage. They could call it Sims: Gritty Realism, because I like to play my townspeople as having real-life flaws.

I also want a “historic” pack. I miss being able to farm/garden, spin thread, churn butter, etc. like you could in Sims 1. I want pantries instead of refrigerators, and old-fashioned cookstoves. I wish I could have my Sims be self-sufficient if they wanted to, instead of needing jobs. That’s another idea–historically appropriate jobs. And clothing. Perhaps the pack would allow you the option of playing a neighborhood as a historic one or a modern one.

I want a jobs expansion pack. I miss the journalism and the fashion and the education careers.

They need an architecture expansion, too. I want different styles of staircases. I miss the spirals, and I also want L-shaped ones, and staircases that go up halfway, turn 180 degrees, and go the rest of the way up.

The Sims: Creative Anachronsim
The Sims join the SCA and have pitched battles on the streets of town.

The Sims: Elseworlds
The Sims discover portals to other fantasy worlds and go exploring…

The Sims: Other Eras
The Sims take place in 1900. Or 1800. Or Ancient Rome. Or the Stone Age.

I’d like to be able to import SimCity cities and use them as well. Obviously this ould entail coming up with interiors for all the standard SimCity buildings. I seem to recall seeing almost this for the first version, but that might just have been the car racing game.


“The Simcity Archapelago”; “The Men Behind the Sim”; “The Simming Fields”; “Ilsa: She-Wolf of EA”

Sid Meier’s The Sims: Civilization
Your Sims must develop technologies, raise crops, acquire resources, and manufacture weapons. Then they must trade with and/or conquer the other families in the neighborhood.
The Sims: Mad Max
In post-apocalyptic Australia, your Sim will have several exciting career options, such as:

– Pilot
– Oil well worker
– Hunter-gatherer
– Member of a nomadic biker gang
– Itinerant do-gooder
– A job in Bartertown (e.g. Director of Energy Resources/Pig Shit, Thunderdome Maintenance Engineer, etc.)
– And many more!

Given the track record of it’s “ancestors,” this game would be more addictive than sugar coated crack.