Need help finding a music video

Ok guys…here’s a weird one for ya.
There is this music video that I remember that was really weird, really funny, and I can’t remember the title. The only thing I remember when it comes to the title (or name of the artist, I can’t remember) is “Mr.” The name is “Mr…something”. The song had no words and was just a techno sounding bass beat, but the video featured a ragdoll/sock puppet looking thing that all he did the whole time was hold a phone up to a speaker and headbang.

I think the point of the video was he was trying to sell the song to someone or something…and hot dogs showed up at one point…but the thing I remember the most is just the constant bass beat and this funny yellow thing headbanging along.

If you know this…2 million kudos to you!

I got nothing, but when do you remember hearing it? If you could narrow it down to +/- 5 years it would be really helpful. Also, where did you see it? Youtube? MTV, ComedyCentral, HBO, Public Access etc…

You might want to check out Sifl and Olly.

Oh boy this was about…10 or so years ago and I honestly can’t remember how I found it since this was WAY before youtube and stuff. I know that I downloaded the video from Napster I think…this was even before their lawsuit.

Lesse, 10 years ago would have been 2001, I would have been a Junior in college. I remember Sifl and Olly being on TV (in reruns) when I was a sophmore and at that same time Napster was really getting into the swing of things with music.
Take a look at Sifl and Olly, it had a pretty distinct look and the time line would have been right for it to be on Napster (did napster ever do a lot with video) in 2001ish. You should be able to tell right away if it was the right show or not.

Not that I can fathom what you want it for, but here you go:

And in the related videos was a similar one involving either hot dogs or cigars (couldn’t tell)

Yep, I knew it was Mr. Oizo’s “Flat Beat” with Flat Eric. I think he was used to sell Levi’s in Europe or something. A Flat Eric doll appears in the UK version of The Office. David Brent points him out as an example of how cool a boss he is.


Never heard or seen it til now, but I can’t stop laughing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha wonderful! That’s it!!!

This is the exact reason why I wanted it. I remember it just being so stupidly funny that I watched it over and over again.