Need help finding a poem.

I’ve looked and looked for it online, but I can’t find it. I know it must be out there. It’s called “Not For You” and the authors name is Merhbani. If anyone knows where it is on the internet, or is better skilled at searching (I can never find anything), please, I would apreaciate help.

Thank you very much.

relic, assuming that I’ve found the right poet, it may be in the '97 or '98 issue of Darpan–those aren’t online yet. I know she’s published poetry in some of the issues currently on the site. BTW, her full name is Parna Mehrbani–the first spelling you gave gets me nothing but a site about the Himalayas. You might contact the editors of “Darpan” about her published works, or you could email the writer herself–her contact address is available at the Montage site, of which she is a coeditor, if you dig around a bit.

Thanks Balance.