Need help from someone in the Netherlands (or nearby, maybe)

So… being addicted to obscure music from all over Creation has finally created some problems for me. I got some downloads from the band I’m From Barcelona (despite them actually being from the Netherlands), and I really like them, so I’d like to buy their two CDs (Sing!! and Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams, Buddy).

This is somewhat problematic, since apparently I have found the Holy Grail of a band that the people behind the counter at both Rasputin and Amoeba have never heard of, can’t order, and love (well, most of them - a couple think it’s too damn happy). Amazon just looks at me funny, and eBay doesn’t do any better. I’m not sure whether to be proud of myself or disappointed, but right at the moment it’s leaning to the latter. I found a Swedish store online that sells Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams, Buddy, but they want $20 for shipping, which seems a bit high considering that eBay sellers are asking less than half that.

Anyways… would it be possible for some kind person out there to obtain these CDs and mail them out to me? I’d be more than happy to pay for the CDs, the shipping, and some extra for your trouble if you want it.


Actually, in right-after-post hindsight, I’m not sure whether this goes in MPSIMS or Cafe Society, being musical in nature. Maybe a mod can exercise better judgement on it.

This fansite has a link to Bengans to where you can order both CD’s in English.

Apparently, the price on that site is given in Euro’s. An euro is roughly 1,15 American dollars, but you can find actual conversion tables online.

Hmm, Bengans is actually the site I was looking at, but their posted rate is 130 SEK (almost $20) for mailing two CDs (granted I can get up to two kilos of CDs mailed for 130 SEK, but I only want the two), and I can’t find Sing!! anywhere on the site. Am I looking in the wrong places or misreading something?

That is indeed expensive, and Swing indeed doesn’t seem to be for sale on Bengans, But, anyway, the band appears to be Swedish, not Dutch, so you’d better ask help from one of our Swedish Dopers. Sorry!

There’s a forum on the fansite, maybe that would be a good place to ask?

Another example of what a great board this is, you can reach out to someone half way round the world (well, almost) and get a friendly response. Long live the SDMB!!

Wow, I am dim today. Says right there… how did I think they were in the Netherlands?


I can’t read any of the requisite languages, so I’m at a loss for the forum thing. I didn’t even know there was a… oh, tagboard!

I will try more. Thank you!

Nederlands…hmm…Gruppo Sportivo… Herman Brood…Golden Earing…Father Abraham and the smurfs…all i got.

Great. The country that brought you DJ Tiesto, Shocking Blue, The Cats, Kane, The Nits, 2Unlimited, Anouk, and, from the Flanders part of Belgium, K’s Choice and deus, is remembered for the Smurfs?!?

Oh, uhm, before I forget and while I notice one is online, could a mod please change my heading to reflect I’m From Barcelona’s proper (Swedish) nationality?

Thank you!