Need help naming my new kitten

We have a female calico named Aries and we are picking up our new kitten tonight. He’s a 9 week old Orange Tabby and we’d like something that goes with Aries.

Any suggestions?

Pablo is a good name.

I always have a soft spot for the name Rasputin. As for going with Aries, you can go Greek God: Zeus, Apollo, Mercury etc. or go zodiac: Leo, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Sagiattarius etc.

How funny. I have a new female calico I’m trying to name.

But about you …

You could go with the obvious Pisces or Taurus. Or, since ARIES is the Australian Resource Information and Environment Satellite, you could name him Sputnik. Let’s see … aries also means “battering ram,” and IIRC, Inspector Kemp in “Young Frankenstein” used his wooden arm as a battering ram. That character was played by Kenneth Mars. Perhaps not coincidentally, Mars was the Roman god of war, and Aries was the Greek god of war. In Indian mythology, Mars is known as Mangal, Angaraka, and Kuja. Horus is the Egyptian version, and Cairo was derived from an ancient Arabic name for Mars.

All the bolded names are possibilities, but I like Kuja. It has a certain ring to it, PLUS an ancient mythology/Young Frankenstein connection.

I meant to say “ancient mythology/Mel Brooks” connection.

Reviewing my post, I am unsure why I cannot come up with one single good name for my own kitty.

How about Caries? Heeere Aries,heere Caries.
Mine are named;
Eileen(3 legs)
and Nalle the dog

How about Cat?

Frank. Frank and Aries!

I’ll go away now.

Call him Mars. Aries–>Ares; Ares–>Mars…

You get it.

For two cats, I like pairing the existing “cat” name with a “human” name. It adds to the fun.

So my suggestion is Bob.


Leo would work from the astrological perspective… and seeing as it’s an orange cat, would possibly work visually as well, seeing as it means lion.

I also like Sputnik as a cat’s name, and the explanation explained above gives it a link to Aries.

Finally, as well as considering all the ancient gods, you could use a character name from Xena Warrior Princess, seeing as Aries was a featured character in that show, which I loved. Joxter might be appropriate, depending on the temprament of your kitten. You could also masculinise the name of another character, eg Gabriel/le.

Hmm, an orange tabby - lovely cats! I’d call him Amigo

If the name is supposed to compliment Aries, you probably won’t like Ginger Baker.

But it’s still a great name for an orange cat.

Hank. I want a big, orange cat to name Hank.

From the freelance auto writer: Reliant.

I nominate “Lalu” (Luh-loo). It means “Little Red” in Konkani & Marathi and possibly in Hindi.

Our Cats’ Names:

Babu (deceased but formally The Best Cat That Ever Lived)…meaning “little baby boy”

Gundu (Goon-doo) (little rascal) (Marathi/Hindi)

Limbu (Lim-boo) (lemon) (Marathi/Konkani)

and Mishu (Mee-shoo) (Little Wiskers) (Marathi/Konkani)

I’m coming to this a bit late, but, if you’ve already got a female named Aries, the new male absolutely must be named Sauron.

Well you could use Jasper, as the red version is the birthstone for Aries and the orange version is associated with Leo (yuck yuck).

Jim and I suggest:

  • Opie (Ron Howard’s character in The Andy Griffith Show).
  • Lardass (cause all neutered orange tabbies get HUGE)
  • Sunkist (also for neutered orange tabbies - all the juice, none of the seeds)
  • Cheeze Doodle
  • Punkinhead
  • Reliant
  • Apollo
  • Dr. Demento (just cause)