Need help naming our blues band...

Idealy we’re looking for a 3 word name. Something very blusey -traditional sounding BUT the wackier the better.
Sample: Blind Lemon Catfish
You get the idea…

Rain Hides Tears

Bout the only thing I could come up with on short notice. Give ya more later.

B.B. Gun

Jefferson StarFucker

Link Wrong

Lock and Choad

Three Blind Mice

I like it. But we were thinking more along the lines of a name that might be a person’s name (e.g. Muddy Waters - yeah, I know that’s only two words, but…)

Old Scratch beat me in

Muddy Dicks

Redbone Williams

RedFish Blue

Dirty Hawkins

Steven Hawkings Sexy Brother (this isn’t original, but no one’s using it as a band name)

Old Scratch beat me in

Oops, I didn’t post that twice…I don’t think.

Anyway - Redfish Blue…very cool!

Tom Waits Alone

The Three Kings

Underwater Blues

(your name) and the forgotten

wrong name tattoo

This is the name that rocks: The Wang-Dangs, as in "we’re gonna pitch a wang-dang doodle all night long.

You could borrow the title of a Steely Dan song and call yourselves the Deacon Blues Band.

Some friends and I used to “play a game” and the rule for blues artist’s names is…

Infliction/Illness + Fruit/Veg + President’s Last Name

As I recall, I had, uh…

Schitzophrenic Strawberry Bush (my favorite; of course, I was referring to the first Pres Bush at the time…)

Others included:

Alzheimers Apple Adams
Myopic Mango Wilson
Constipated Cantalope Kennedy
Lisping Lemon Van Buren
Gout Grape Grant
Lame Lime Lincoln

You get the idea…

Another vote for RedFish Blue. The Suessian side just adds so nicely.

Yeah, I got a few, but they ain’t what you’re looking for:

[li]Jimmy Lips and the Flaming Teeth[/li][li]The Hollering Trees[/li][li]Bruno Busts Five[/li][li]Top Secret Gossip[/li][li]Oswald and the Lee Harveys[/li]*

But you can’t have the last one. I’ve already got it for my band.

My rock band: “Root Locus” and our two album names “Pole” and “Zero”

How about:

Robert’s Johnson

I was gonna suggest “Trembling Quim”, but since you’re looking for a three-worder, how’s about: “Dollar Grilled Cheese?”

BTW, these were prospective names for my band, which I don’t have, so you can use if you’d like.:smiley:

LOL…Robert’s Johnson

Great suggestions, guys, thanks!

I have always wanted to form a tongue-in-cheek blues band that combined really first-rate blues music with hilarious lyrics, under the name “Hard-of-hearing Henderson and the Blueshounds.”

Help yourself, I’ll never get around to it.

We used to do this same exercise for my friend’s never-the-same-four-guys-two-weeks-running R and B band.
Some of the better ones from those sessions, IIR:
Rain Ghost
Shadow Jump
Fog City Mayhem
Film Noir Neon

Johnny Fish and the Stinky Pinkies