Need help to save my sex life

Ok, here’s the deal, ive been goin out with my boyfriend for a very long time, and when it comes to oral sex it gets a little difficult. See the problem is, is that… to put it in simple terms “His penis is too big, or my mouth is a little too small” He doesnt tell me this, but I think I might be hurting him a little bit with my teeth, Im not quite sure, I ask him if it is and he says maybe a lil bit but its fine. He is either trying to make me feel better or its the truth…I think its option 1. Now how can i stop my teeth from hurting him? is ther a trick, (other than tucking my teeth behind my gum, cos ive tried that one and its not easy with a man with that sized penis) And yes he is impressive, but how can i impress him??? Hopefully you have sum great ideas cos i am stumped. Also if u hav any tips as to how to spice oral sex up please suggest cos its basically not too fun anymore with us. thanx heaps

My girlfriend has the same problem. She tends to get her upper lip pinched between her front teeth from pressure. When she is a bit out of practice she finds it hard to continue for too long in a single stretch from pain in the lips due to covering the teeth. She says that practice makes perfect. Stretching out the the lips and jaw muscles and exercising them seem to make it easier over time.

Still, she will often get distracted, and then things become… a little unpleasant. I understand where your boyfriend is coming from. It just feels impolite to critique someone who is nice enough to be there in the first place, but it is necessary. You need to make him comfortable telling you how he feels. One way of doing this is saying that you want to work on technique and that you would like a running commentary. This can be lots of fun because you get to hear exactly what parts he likes most and least and often the sound of your partner’s voice in pleasure is a big turn on for the servicer.

Suggestions on technique: First, remember that you don’t need to have him IN your mouth the whole time. Licking along the shaft, particularly when looking up with a naughty look on your face is very good. We have a whole bunch of parts down there that like attention, so mix it up whenever you need a break. If he is as large as you say, you are going to need to use your hand on the shaft a great deal. Use lots of saliva. There are many books and websites you can go to for other ideas, and looking at them with him can be fun. Have him read you a description of different techniques while you perform.

Props are good. Food is a good way to go. Make a sunday out of him. Wrap him in a fruit role up. This is particularly good as the sensation is somewhat deadened at first, but grows as things disolve. It will also act as a tooth defender. Use a vibrator on him while you please him. Blindfold him and do unexpected things.

Vary the position. Though women often do not expect it, we often really like to be standing, and you can sit on the bed. Of course there is 69, or if you are really adventurous, 69 where he is standing and holding you upside down. That gets interesting.

If you are looking to spice things up, location is always good. Top of a car park, in the woods, a stair well, a rest room, all can add excitement. My personal favorite is road head, and he will definitely have his own favorite. Ask him.

The big thing (heh) is communication. It makes everything better. You have to let him know he can ask for anything (though you do not have to accept) or make any comments and suggestions that cross his mind. It may take some cajoling at first, but it will be worth it, and it will help out your relationship out of the bedroom as well.

Finally, you get the added benefit of turning all these things around so when he goes for the cunnilingus, you get to improve his technique. Good luck.

If he is that big the chances of you …ummm hitting the jackpot…are not good. So just concentrate on the head and a long lick or three. That with lots of eye contact and you can’t go wrong.

Sarah, I have this problem with my hubby, because I have TMJ and can’t open my mouth very wide anymore. So, here’s what I do: I suck on just the head, do a lot of licking, and a lot of hand work on the shaft. I also make sure to give oral and manual attention to everything in that general geographic area. This seems to keep him happy (well, we’ve been together for 20 years, so I guess he’s happy :wink: ).
As for this:

Are you talking about just the oral part, or about sex in general? If you’ve been with him a long time, then there are surely some emotional connections there, and it should be about more than whether you give good head. You should be striving for an overall balance of what makes both of you feel good.

Yes, food can be fun, but one bit of advice: never, ever, ever use honey! We have a friend whose wife wanted to try this, and apparently, once the honey was dried and sticky, they both had it all through their short-and-curlies (because the oral led to other stuff) and it was a bitch to get out of the hair! :eek:

If you use food you want to have a wet warm washcloth nearby. It makes cleanup quick, easy, and doesn’t distract from the moment.

Oh, and NEVER use champagne. Never, never, never. Champagne burns like a bitch and is far worse on women than on men, but still VERY bad for men. Alcohol in general seems to give a mild burning feeling, but champagne is a killer.

Ice cream is VERY good!

Just make loads of comments on how it is waaaay tooooo big.
He’ll love it.

Here’s a technique you can try. But you have to do it before he gets fully erect, while the penis is still pliable. What you do is, you get a bunch of saliva in your mouth, then put his penis in your mouth as far as you can with your tongue lightly pressing it from the bottom. Then swallow as if you had a mouth full of water. The sensation of the mouth and tongue muscles manipulating the penis is supposed to be mindblowing. Then after he’s erect, you can just concentrate on the head.

Just so you know, you’ll get to use this trick exactly once. 'Cause I guarantee you, he won’t be ‘pliable’ after that.

That’s the whole idea. It makes a great beginning. :slight_smile: