How far does oral sex get you?

I am a teenager who has been recently introduced to the pleasures of oral sex by his girlfriend. As wonderful as it is, I do have one major concern - is oral sex supposed to be enough to get me to ejaculate?

Every time that I have had oral sex performed on me, I’ve needed to use my hand to “help” my girlfriend get me to orgasm. Is this normal? Does anyone else have that problem?

I’m just afraid that after many years of masturbation, I’m simply not capable of reaching orgasm without being very involved in the process.

My girlfriend has told me that her last boyfriend did not have this problem, but she thinks that it’s because his penis was not as large, hence she could take more of it in her mouth.

Should I be worried? Would it help if I tried to stop masturbating?

You deserve an answer.

Here’s mine:

I wouldn’t worry about it, if it doesn’t really bother
either of you.

Different people will do different things, and bring out different things out of you (no pun intended) when you have sex with them, this includes orally.

I myself, could never get off orally until this one woman came along and…

well… this is a family collumn.

Don’t worry about it. Different things work for different people, and you’ll figure out what works for you (and what doesn’t) in time.

Experience and experiment.
In regrards to food and sex, however, do NOT delve into the wierd world of meat products…

So…I shouldn’t let her stroke my salami? :frowning:

“How far does oral sex get you?”

—Hey, it got me a column in Movieline. . . . (Oop, did I say that?)

Maybe one of the guys here could assist her with some special techniques?

But hey, quit that masturbation stuff altogether, so youll be ready for her next time.

Outrider, I’m in the same boat as you. Oral sex gets me near climax, but not all the way there. Its your call if you want to quit the self-pleasuring.

For me it’s a matter of technique. I don’t really get into it when a girl is doing the darting tongue lap flicking and twitching thing. For me just put it in your mouth and suck it baby. In fact in the heat of a frustrating moment I barked out “just suck it baby.”

The only head I could get after that was on a glass of beer; I tell you (adjusting tie) no respect.

Hopefully this isn’t a guy thread only cause I got a bitch here.
First some advice. For men and women you can tell what is working and what isn’t by body lanuage and sound.
For example if they are making nice pleasant moaning sounds or saying something obvious as “yes” or “oh, God”, then you know something is right.
When someone keeps shifting their body, as in to get into a different postion and not in the heat of passion, or if they make the frustrated sound then something is wrong.

Now here’s my Bitch. Guys when a woman is really getting into things and is totally lost in what is going on, don’t stop or change technique! It is very frustrating to be right there and then have it all go away in an instant!

Oh, and there’s always the practice makes perfect aspect of the whole thing. :wink:

How far does oral sex get me?

All the way into her panties. Everyone’s gotta be good at something.

If you want to go even further, listen to the depth/speed of their breathing. Not every woman feels compelled to yell “oh, God.” Which is too bad really. It would be helpful :slight_smile:

I agree with Kricket on the don’t stop, it screws up the whole good thing ya had going. Both ways though.
Still, I’ve only been with one woman in my life that has been able to get me off orally. (dreamily closes eyes…) amazing…
…ahem… anyway…
Just do what you’ve gotta do Outrider. Stop thinking about whether your’e going to come or not, and just enjoy the fun your having. If you’re getting tired and can’t handle it anymore, send her my way, I’ll let her practice some more… :wink: Try all kinds of stuff, whatever floats your boat so to speak, and see if it gets you anywhere…

Anywhere I’d want to be… :smiley:

Woo. Um. Well… It’s never failed me, when receiving. The advice to back off the old “self service pump” is good, it will make you more sensitive to, well, any method.

Thanks for all the advice guys (and gals.)

Anyone want to comment on the possibility that having a larger penis makes it more difficult to get off during oral sex?

All the way.

More than once, usually. :slight_smile:

Without going into how I know…

larger just means the girl/lady/etc… is more likly to get a sore jaw and stop long before you are ready.

I had the same problem for years, and then, as someone else said, that special someone came along (so to speak).

She compensated by using her hands quite a bit at the same time.


Well, for the same resons women quit or change, guys do too: sometimes, after 40 or 50 minutes ;), your tongue and fingers just get tired or maybe you think something else will “put them over the top” so you adjust. Sorry, won’t do it again.

Myself, I think I’ve got a pretty good idea of what to do, but I’m always open to suggestion. Different stroke for different folks, ya know?

Kudos to whoever said “just enjoy it and be glad you’re getting it” for that is the truth.

My guys are fairly well endowed and it has never been a problem for me.
The only thing that does bother me is when a guy grabs the back of your head right before that big moment. I used to have a bumper sticker that said let go of my head I know what I’m doing.
I don’t mind a guys hands on my head unless it is to hold me in place so I can pull back.

Straight forword TMI answers from Kricket. That’s something new! Yeah, right.

Outrider, I am on the large side, or so I’ve been told. Not excessively long, but girth-wise.

No, I have no problems climaxing with oral sex. But, It depends on the technique (as has been stated above). I have never been able to get off just with the darting tongue/bobbing head. For me to ‘get there’, my woman has to put her hand around the base, and kind of, well, I guess there’s no delicate way to put this…kind of jerk me off while sucking. Timing hand so that it goes up and down in time with her head…

oh boy.

I gotta goto the bathroom… :eek: :smiley: