Do most women enjoy receiving oral sex?

I believe the generally accepted answer is “yes,” but in my admittedly limited experience, some women do, but others actually dislike it for a variety of reasons. What experiences and preferences do folks here have?

There are three reasons (IME) that women may not enjoy oral sex:

  1. They’re uncomfortable with their bodies
  2. They feel it’s less intimate than intercourse
  3. You’re doing it wrong

The first makes me sad. The second makes me confused. The third makes me jump up and scream “Dude!!! TEETH!!!”

My guesses were 1 and 3 also, though it is hard to jump to 3 when one is shut off before being given the opportunity at all. Thanks for the response.

I agree with DianaG. I’ve known an unfortunate few souls who bought into the notion that women’s vulva’s smell “bad”, and were thus too uptight about “the smell factor” (thanks, Banky!) to relax and enjoy it. But for most of us, yeah, it’s pretty awesome.

(What I think is particularly awesome about receiving great oral sex is that the orgasm I get from oral is wonderful, but not satiating. I never want to stop there; it always makes me want to have another through intercourse. Unlike most men I’ve been with, where the orgasm from a blowjob means intercourse probably won’t happen afterwards.)

Eh, it’s okay…it’s not my favorite thing.

Personally I think it should have been worked into that song in The Sound of Music, at the top of the list of her favorite things. Maybe that is just me though.

There’s a #4 – some of us just don’t like it much. No reason, other than we just don’t like it. Kinda like apples, not everyone likes them, but people don’t look at you like you have grown a third eyeball when you say “oh, I don’t really care for apples.”

WhyNot – Unfortunately, my wife tells me that she thinks its “gross.” I haven’t been able to convince her otherwise. I’m more than willing to do just about anything she would like. I’ve often wondered how she, and people in general, establish their feelings about what is okay and what isn’t sexually.

As Litoris points out, there is #4: I’m just not all that into it. For me, I don’t actually dislike oral sex, but it’s a distant second to actual intercourse as far as overall pleasure.

I’m with WhyNot about the awesomeness of oral (and the fact that it doesn’t leave you fully satisfied, so you keep wanting more), but I will back up that there’s a #4. I befriended an ex’s current girlfriend some years back and they’ve been together for years and years. She doesn’t have any sexual hangups about her genitals or a lack of intimacy in oral and I know for a fact he’s good at what he does, but she still doesn’t care for it. It’s just not her thing.

You know, my husband is good at what he does, he enjoys it and always wants to go down, but I just feel meh about it. Believe me, I have absolutely no hangups about sex. I know my vagina is clean and tastes and smells lovely, I don’t have a problem kissing my husband after he has had his chance at it, but I just don’t care for oral sex. Never have. It just doesn’t do it for me, I like penetration, and to be honest, too much (meaning more than a minute or two) of being on the receiving end of foreplay becomes annoying.

There could be a myriad of reasons your wife doesn’t like oral, but in the end, is it really that important to you to go down on her? I say, so long as she’s spreading her legs, enjoy it. If you really want to go down (like I said, my husband loves to go down, even though I don’t much care for it) tell her this. She may not realise that you actually enjoy it. I would ask her why it’s “gross.” She might have been molested – you never know until she tells you. If you are just wanting to please her, then ask her what she wants and keep your face away from her girly bits – accept that she doesn’t like it and move on. That’s my advice.

Litoris – Thanks for your reply. I find it arousing to do this for my partner, but I’ve accepted that it isn’t going to happen with my wife.

I’ve known women over the full spectrum from “hate it” to “can’t get enough of it.” As it seems to be the conventional view that women love it, I was curious to see what folks on the board would have to say about it. I also thought other men might be curious. After doing a search and not finding the topic discussed previously, I figured “what the heck?”

I guess it feels kind of icky.

Also, it’s pretty hard for me to get off with a guy period. I usually prefer a lot of hard and fast action on my clitoris that really only a vibe can provide.

I like it, though I do know women who turn it down because they think their cooters are gross (some had mothers who douched, others had bad experiences with jerk boyfriends). I like it, though it varies with the partner. You know what’s underrated? A good hand job. And most guys can keep at it longer (thank you, videogames!).

I love it! Unfortunately, as I recently mentioned in another thread, my SO has been less than enthusiastic. I find that it fills the gap-time well when he’s all fired up but I need a little more time to get into things.

There was a time when I would’ve picked oral sex over intercourse every time. Nowadays, if I have to pick, I prefer intercourse. Oral is still fun, but if I had to live my whole life without it, I’d be OK (as long as I still got the intercourse).

The funny thing is, I have no idea when the change occurred. I’ve been with the same partner the whole time (since age 18) and his skills are super. I’ve had four children and I wonder if there hasn’t been some hormonal or physical rearrangement that has affected my relative enjoyment of the acts. It seems to me that my enthusiasm for oral was waning even before my first pregnancy though.

You haven’t tried my tongue, the wonder of three counties!

I think I pretty much walked into that one, didn’t I? :slight_smile:

This describes a girlfriend of mine but is just sort of “meh” on either giving or receiving oral. I could go all amateur psychologist on her and say “well, she isn’t comfortable with her body” but that doesn’t seem to be giving her the respect she deserves to have her own opinion on what she finds pleasurable.

Yeah, in fact, there are guys who feel the same way. I know a guy friend who will enjoy it, but a blow job isn’t the be all and end all for him…there are other things he prefers more.