Need ideas for paintings

I have an artist friend who has an opportunity to get some of her paintings displayed at a gallery in Montana. She could really use the income, and so I’d like to supply her with ideas for some new paintings.

So far, I’ve got the following:

[li]An old lady in a rocking chair[/li][li]An elderly couple and a pitchfork[/li][li]A stack of soup cans[/li][li]Jesus and the Apostles having dinner[/li][li]A bunch of canines enjoying a friendly card game[/li][li]A bunch of watches melting[/li][li]Jehovah and a naked man in the sky[/li][li]Some pasty-faced guy letting out a shriek of terror[/li][li]Some dude with a bandaged ear[/li][li]A bizarre scenescape with physically impossible staircases[/li][li]A portrait of some broad, smiling[/li][li]A starry, starry night[/li][/ul]

Any other suggestions?

But is it a broad smile? I think it would ruin the effect if it was. :wink:

I have a suggestion—a bunch of people in old-fashioned clothes all wearing hats and using parasols, hanging out by a beach or something.

A close-up of some big sunflowers.

That’s it for now.

Maybe some ballet dancers warming up at the barre would be nice.

Dogs playing poker is always a tasteful addition.

A bleeding Jesus in Terrible Agony ( done on Velvet) can cause nightmares, howerver.

I suggest your friend pick up a copy of “The Artist’s Way”. It has all kinds of tips for getting and staying inspired.

Well, I did mention “canines enjoying a friendly card game.” Does that count?

How about a pond with some water lilies in it? Or a polynesian woman, topless, in a skirty thing, leaning over a boat?
If early christianity is an interest, how about a very pale Mary holding a pale, bluish baby Jesus?
If she likes the middle ages, a man and woman in period dress dancing a furious gig might be nice.
If she’s a real master, she could try doing a little boy in a fancy blue suit.

Elvis shaking hands with Jesus at the gates of heaven on a black velvet background. Can’t go wrong. Or, the Last Supper of Elvis (with the Jordonaires, Jerry Lee Lewis, the Beatles and Johnny Cash as the Apostles and peanut butter cheeseburgers as the dinner.)

Come to Saskatchewan (it’s in Canada), and look at the clouds. The clouds we have here are amazing. If I didn’t despise the arts in all its encarnations, I would try to draw them (except I couldn’t draw to save my life, math and sciences are my games).

I have a couple favourite clouds that I have seen.

The first was off a grid road near our house, There was a small flax (I think, it was a blue tinted field) and it had blue greenish tinted evergreens around it in sort of a triangle shape, like a cattle chute (the flax would have been in the chute part), and the sky was a dull greyish colour, and there was this large dark cloud (relatively low) roughly spherical, and the sun hit it in such a way that it appeared to be burning from the inside.

The second was seen off the highway on the way to work one day (early in the morning). There was a field of young (I’m not sure) canola or maybe wheat, and it had a number of small rolling hills, and the clouds were rippled, so that the light only hit one side of the hills, and only hit one side of the clouds.

If clouds are your friends thing, have her come to Sask, it’s called “Land of the Living Skys” for a reason.

Meh, another idea not related to clouds, have your friend paint a gladiator (ie Russel Crowe in Gladiator) from an up angle from the ground to enphasize his height/power, and have the gladiator stareing intently at something off camera, ready to kill.

Which gallery and when? I’d be interested in going to see her collection.

[sub]…as long as it’s not all dogs playing poker and Elvis on velvet…[/sub]

I would like to see a painting of a couple of people at an all-night diner, at about 2:00 AM.
Or maybe on of what may be a crippled girl lying in a field, perhaps trying to climb up the hill.

Maybe someday paintings of baby Jesus on Mary’s lap will find a niche.

What about those special clouds where the sun hits the right spot on them and gives them a true silver lining, like the glint on an eclipse. I have only seen one of those clouds twice AFAIK but they look really cool.

I’d really like to see a painting of the outdoors sometime. Nobody ever does that.

Maybe a scene of a hill, or a stream, or maybe a farm or some mountains… something outdoorsey.

How about a clown? Only, instead of smiling, the clown… I dunno… looks kinda sad?

Ooh, or little kids with really big heads and REALLY big eyes? They kinda look at you?

OH! I got it! Ya need to get a bowl, right? And then some fruit. Then, put the fruit in the bowl. Now, stick with me here, we’re goin’ through the looking glass here… have SOME of the fruit spill OUT of the bowl, onto the table, then paint THAT!

Yeah, this is gonna be great! :rolleyes:

The trim on my house could use painting. Have her gimme a call.

Has anybody mentioned flowers that look like vulvas, with cattle skulls about?

[li]An old lady in a rocking chair - Whistlers Mother, Whistler[/li][li]An elderly couple and a pitchfork - don’t know[/li][li]A stack of soup cans - Campbell’s soup can, Andy Warhol[/li][li]Jesus and the Apostles having dinner - Last Supper, Da Vinci[/li][li]A bunch of canines enjoying a friendly card game - Dogs playing poker[/li][li]A bunch of watches melting - Various, Salvidor Dali[/li][li]Jehovah and a naked man in the sky - Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo[/li][li]Some pasty-faced guy letting out a shriek of terror - The Scream, don’t know[/li][li]Some dude with a bandaged ear - Self Portrait, Vincent Van Gogh[/li][li]A bizarre scenescape with physically impossible staircases - something, MC Escher[/li][li]A portrait of some broad, smiling - Mona List, Da Vinci[/li][li]A starry, starry night - don’t know[/li][/ul]

That’s what I got off the top of my head.

Psst, Shalmanese

“Dogs Playing Poker” was by da Vinci.

Just make sure she steers clear of those weird people who have both eyes on the same side of their faces.

It’s hard to go wrong with really big eyed kids or animals.