Need info on a business

A friend of mine was contacted by a company called “Star Talent Entertainment” based in NYC, supposedly run by a “Ron Smith”, and she can’t seem to find any information about it. Not interested in any companies with just one or two of the words in their name, just “Star Talent Entertainment” as a whole name.
Any info would be appreciated.

I googled “Star Telent Entertainment New York Ron Smith”.

First hit:

Second hit: https://www . facebook . com/rezeeofficial/posts/im-ron-smith-from-star-talent-entertainment-here-in-new-york-city-and-i-have-cas/678762035824450/

Make of it what you will.

N.B.: The second link is Facebook and I don’t have an account.

LinkedIn leads me to believe its just Ron and his cameras. I’ll venture that he charges to take photos of you for your portfolio which you can shop around to get gigs.

Also on his LinkedIn is Ron Smith’s Star Talent Show Case, which can be searched for

Listening to the first example on that page, he is not very good at producing OR promoting what he does.

So it’s the Almighty that gets people interested in an “adult” film star? There’s a novelty.

I’ve certainly seen a few porn stars that the Almighty seemed to have bestowed with oversized gifts denied to the rest of us. Apparently He does take an interest in porn. :wink:


That second link (the one to Facebook) seems to have been acting a bit funny, so I’ve broken it.