Need medical info

My brother was just admitted to the hospital with a white cell count of over 20,000 I have no idea what this means and the doctors aren’t being specific. Does any one know what a normal white cell count should be, and what a cell count of 20,000 means?

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Could be due to many, many things. Most likely an infection if your brother’s illness has arisen quickly. But, there are literally hundreds of causes. You could consider an elevated white blood cell count as the equivalent of a fever. (Normal count usually less than 9000 or so)

Ask the MD for her opinion. It’s your right.

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I am not a doctor, nor remotely qualified to be one, but from what I recall, a high white blood cell count is indicative of leukemia or some infectious diseases and allergies. OI have no idea what the normal range of a white blood cell count is, but I did find this on WebMD:

WBC Count (White Blood Cell Count)

Chances are, your brother’s doctor will still have to perform further testing in order to make a correct diagnosis. Hopefully you can probably understand why he/she doesn’t want to give you any specifics. On the other hand, if you find yourself not being able to go to sleep at night because of this, then by all means, give that doctor a call.

Just to clarify, when I said you could consider your brother’s elevated WBC as the equivalent of a fever, my point was to emphasize that a high white count is usually just a natural response to infection, inflammation, etc. In and of itself, probably nothing to worry about.

Get the doctor to give you a name of a syndrome or a disease or something, and then we can look it up. However, he’s not going to say anything until the test results are in, because there are so many different things it could be, and if he gets you all cranked up over the wrong thing, it’s bad news for him as well as you. Sit tight. There’s no point in worrying about it until you have more information.

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