Need opinion on the home page of our Website.

I work for an Intermediate School District in MI.

I am in the process of redesigning the home page of our website. It currently looks like this. I am considering changing the layout to look like this and would like to get the opinion of other Dopers on how the new page looks.

What I’m looking for is: Does it make sense? Is it intuitive? Is the layout ok?

Also, I want to know if you like it in general and what would you suggest I do different, if anything?

I’m not looking to change any of the existing content, just the layout of the 1st page.

So please tell me what you think. I value all you Doper’s opinons.

The second layout is much better. The first looks crowded and messy–I wasn’t sure where to start. The second is much more organized. Looking at it, I would feel I could find what I was looking for (were I looking for something), whereas with the first, I would feel overwhelmed.

I agree that the second layout is much better, but what I am looking for is opinions on it, now comparisons between the two. Does the second layout do it’s job? Could it be improved? Is it pleasing to the eye? That sort of thing.

Needs boobs.

In my honest opinion, I’d swap the “Providing services to Van Buren County and the following School Districts:” list’s placement with the “Services:” tabs, because I don’t think lists look good, ‘following’ (left-right reading) graphics. Or maybe swap the Search Engine function’s place with the list. I’m not sure. Color scheme isn’t what I’d pick, but that’s probably a preset.

Beyond those minor nitpicks, though, a good-looking and intuitive site ;j

Your new design would be much more useful to people interested in one particular district, more useful to people who come here to access services, less useful to those who want to read news items, and less useful still to people wanting other information or resources or wanting to know about you.

So it depends on how many people there are in those different categories.

By the way, I vote for a better term than “Information” for the topics at upper left in the old site, or the link near there in the new site. Any link on a web site that just says “information” had better lead to the entire rest of the internet and more, or it’s misnamed. I know, I know, I’m weird…