Need Slovak language help

I’d like to add some sort of Slovak saying to the toast I will be making at my brother’s wedding. I’ve been a Slovak-American for over 28 years now and have failed to learn any of the language. All my relatives who could have helped me are long gone.

Can anyone tell me how to say something like “Welcome to our family” (I’d address this to the non-Slovak bride) or “May God bless your marriage”…anything appropriate or traditional like that.

(pronunciation help would be big, too)


I don’t speak Slovak, but I speak some Czech (hence the name), which is similar. The best I can do in Slovak is:

“Všetko najlepší na tvoj svadobný deň!”

Pronounced “VSHET-ko na-LEP-SHI t-VOY sva-DOB-nee den!” Translated, “Everything the best on your wedding day!”

That might not be exactly correct, but provided nobody there speaks Czech or Slovak, will probably get you by. :slight_smile:

Prosim. :slight_smile:

So, how’d the wedding go?

Awesome, thanks!

I ended up looking up traditional “cheers” in Slovak and Gaelic (bride is Irish) and that was a HUGE hit. Saved me from having to string together more than 2 syllables of Slovak :slight_smile: