need suggestions --- first song for wedding reception

Looking for suggestions please for a good song for first dance for bride and groom at the reception… (me being the latter, natch).

Here are some of the parameters we seem to have stumbled across…

[li]something shortish… under 3 mins if possible[/li][li]bride says she doesn’t want dancing to be “like a high school prom” — that is, super-slow and just a slight sway.[/li][li]groom wants something at least a bit sentimental (yeah, old softy)[/li][li]no country[/li][li]neither of us is particularly talented dancers, having never taken any lessons… but we are not opposed to “silly fun”.[/li][/ul]

She had suggested eschewing the normal dance and instead doing the dance scene from Pulp Fiction (which was set to Chuck Berry’s C’est La Vie). I’m lukewarm on that idea… the thought of “doing a little performance” instead of having a traditional first dance as a couple seems a bit much to me. I said I’d be 100% fine with dropping it in the playlist (though the Bob Seger version probably rather than Chuck Berry), but would prefer it as a dance and not the dance. To say nothing for assuming she’s underestimating the difficulty of doing Uma’s half of a dance while in a full wedding dress :stuck_out_tongue:

So she challenged me to suggest alternatives… and as such I’m turning to the smartest straightest dopes I know… :slight_smile:

[li]**Grow Old Along With Me: ** Bonus points if you sing it to her.[/li][li]Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Good friends of mine did a simple, funny choreographed 1st dance to this. You can’t go wrong with Little Stevie. You are the Sunshine of My Life is also a strong choice.[/li][/ul]

Congrats on the upcoming nuptials. One of us…one of us…one of us…

We danced to “If I had a million dollars” by the Barenaked Ladies, but that’s one of our songs.

Gloomy Sunday

I’ve always been partial to “The Way Young Lovers Do” by Van Morrison. It’d have been my first dance, were I not recently discarded. Though, really, any of the R&B Morrison tunes would work fine—and everybody likes Van. He’s like one of those board games: Ages 8 to 88.

Also: I second the young Stevie comment.

Let me think on it a second and come back, but that particular VM song would be my first choice: great rhythm, perfect lyrics, nice and short. Check, check, check.