Best First Song Ever (Wedding Reception)

Went to a wedding a couple years ago where the bride was visibly pregnant. The first song was Having My Baby.

What is the best first song you’ve heard?

I will always love you and * Once. twice, three times a lady*

The best first dance/song ever

That is indeed the best first song wedding dance I’ve ever seen! :smiley:

A gay wedding had The Last Man in my Life, with a modified first verse:

I’m so happy when you kiss me.
I’m so sad when you are leaving.
I’m estatic every time our bodies met. Complete.

Ours was Sinatra’s The Way You Look Tonight, so that’ll always be first in my heart.

We’re planning on showing our true love and respect for each other by having our first dance be to Georgia Satelites “Keep your hands to yourself”.

“I Knew the Bride When she used to Rock and Roll” by Nick Lowe

Our second song was “Birdhouse in Your Soul”. (First song was something more slow and sappy.)

I thought that it was law that ANY music played at a wedding reception has got to be cheesy.

Personally I think that it would be pretty cool to play John Lennons Working Class Hero though it might raise a few eyebrows.

Ooh, this is a handy thread for me - we’re still trying to narrow ours down from the following three:

“Into My Arms” by Nick Cave: beautiful song, means a lot to both of us. On the downside I think it’s too downbeat, and far too long at 4 and a half minutes (neither of us dance, really, so our loved ones do not need to watch us shuffling around for nearly five minutes).

“Something Changed” by Pulp: again, a great song that’s special both of us. Himself thinks it’s too tongue-in-cheek for a wedding, I think it’d be perfect for cutting through the schmaltz (did I spell that right?)

“How Sweet It Is”, by Marvin Gaye: our default song, as neither of us have any major objections to it, except that it may be too fast for two non-dancers to cope with with any sort of grace.

Of course, that doesn’t answer the OP at all…I’ll come back in four months and let you know then!

I’ve always said the perfect wedding song is Don’t Come Home A Drinkin’ With Lovin’ On Your Mind.

That’s freakin’ awesome! Perhaps then you could follow it up with the Divinyles “I Touch Myself”? And if you can video it to share with us, that’d be doubly great!! :smiley: :smiley:

I love it. I’d totally do it if only I could find a guy to agree to it. I’m working on it. :slight_smile:

Liberty3701 and I danced to Tom Waits’ I Hope That I Don’t Fall in Love With You

I think anyone that has seen the movie Old School knows the answer to this question.

Daughter name: Barbie
Future son in law name: Ken
Song: Come on Barbie let’s go party

My wife managed to spread this event out over three days, different location each day, first for the rehersal, the next the wedding then the reception (diffferent locations on the same day) and then a brunch the next morning for out of towners. I lost track of the expenses after $20,000. And that was back when the American dollar was actually worth something. I think it is formally called “spoiling an only child”.

I’m ashamed to admit that I no longer remember what song my late wife and I chose for our first dance. My only hope is that somewhere in the collection of Beta tapes I salvaged when I moved is the copy of our wedding video, because someday I want to show it to my 26-year-old niece, who was 3 at the time and claims to have no recollection of walking around us while we danced, like an orbitting satellite.

A friend of mine had the DJ play “I Was Only Kidding” by Weird Al as their first song. He thought it was funny, she wasn’t amused… at first, but grew to see the humor in it.

Traditional we are not. I’ve metioned to a few people that that’s going to be our song and for some reason no one belives me. We will follow it up with a slow dance to Norah Jones, Come Away With Me.