Need title of movie - quickly!

I’m trying to find a movie for my wife as a Christmas gift. Here’s what I sorta know about it:

Old B&W, probably from the 40’s
White woman raised by a black woman
I think the white woman is a famous singer(?)

That’s about it. Depsite the fact that my wife has seen this a zillion times, I cannot think of the name.


Could it be The Man I Love (1946), with Ida Lupino?

Got this from a search. Otherwise I haven’t a clue. :frowning:

Pinky. Definitely something about “Pinky.”

Pinky is the movie…saw it about four years ago…

Neither of t hese two, I’m afraid.

I’ve been wracking my brain and came up with this:

The white woman may actually BE black, but appears to be white. She may also be ashamed of her heritage.

Thanks so far, though.

Or could it be Imitation of Life? There have been two versions, apparently, one from 1934 and the other from 1959.


Thank you!!!


Of course, I just found out that it won’t be available in time for Christmas, but it will be released on Jan. 7, so it’ll have to be a birthday present.

Confession time: I’m not a movie trivia genius. It’s just that AMC was showing this flick around lunchtime today, so I stumbled on a few minutes of it! They must have been thinking of you.

That’s okay, Early Out, I’ll take the answer anyway. :smiley: