Need to convert a PPTX file to a video

Any suggestions for a cheap or free converter program to make a Power Point PPTX file into some kind of video file (MPG, MOV or AVI preferred)?

Some converters require you to have the latest Power Point installed. I have only the 2000 version. However, I have verified that the file given to me is valid. I have two versions of the PPTX file; one has “embedded” as part of the name, but both are exactly the same size.

The conversion should be broadcast quality (720x480 minimum, 4:3 aspect ratio, 6K bitrate minimum).

PPTX is PowerPoint 2007 or 2010 format - not sure about 2007, but 2010 has the ability to save as video built in - so the easiest way might be to ask the original author to do that and send it to you.

Otherwise, it’s probably going to need to be some sort of screen-camera type video recording program like CamStudio- you set it to record the display, then fire up the presentation in your copy of PowerPoint* (which you’d need to do anyway, if the slide transitions aren’t automated). You need a fairly quick PC to be able to do this, or the video may end up choppy as PowerPoint and Camstudio compete for system resources.

*If you’re running PowerPoint 2000 and want to open a 2007/2010 format PPTX presentation, you’ll need the compatibility pack.

Not an option. I don’t have Power Point 2007 or 2010, can’t afford to buy it just for one file, and the author sent this to me because he couldn’t figure out how to convert it.

Unnecessarily complicated. I think this project will have to be discarded so I can move on to other things.

Probably worth a try. If I can get it to work in 5 minutes, it’s worth it.

ETA: Just checked the MS site. They want numerous updates applied before their compatibility pack is installed. I predict hours of hassle with no guarantee of reward, so I am stopping work on this project unless there is a simple, one-step solution.

Thanks for the suggestions.

If the author has Powerpoint 2010, it’s just:
[li]Open the document[/li][li]Click ‘File>Save As’[/li][li]Where it says ‘Save as type’, Select ‘Windows Media Video’[/li][/ol]

If you just want to play it, try the PowerPoint viewer. Oh, and Camstudio’s not that complicated to set up, if you want to record what you play. You download, you install, you run the program, you select what portion of the screen you want to record, and then you play the PPTX. If your computer is not fast enough, you’ll find out really quickly.

If your computer has an HDMI or even Video-Out port (maxes out at 720x480), you could also try recording it on a DVR or DVD recorder.