Need to find ring stand shaped like a hand

They are usually sold for shops to display rings on… they are freestanding, shaped like slender hands, and are usually either black or white. And I can’t find them anywhere.

Anyone care to help?

Thanks :slight_smile:

What you need is a fixture, as in store fixture. More specifically, a hand display. I just happened to get my Omaha Fixture catalog in the mail today. They have models in black or white, 14" or 8 " height, or ‘crawling’ hand models 8" in length. Check 'em out at omahafixture items 236, 235, and 234.

best o’ luck

I just did a quick search on ebay. Is this the sort of thing you’re talking about? It’s a bright red, so I’m not sure whether it’s quite what you’re looking for.

You could also either wait for a local jewelry store to go belly-up and have an “everything must go” sale or call a few of them. I’m sure these things get replaced every so often, maybe they have an old one kicking around they’d be glad to part with cheap.