Need to know if you are knocked up?

Are you Pregnant? Don’t know? Don’t want to go to the Piggly Wiggly to get a home test kit? Behold the power of the internet!!!

I got two negative results so far. Anyone who pops positive, let me know:)

it came back negative twice, and then… tada, I’m pregnant! Apparantly, in the split second between the second and third times, I had fierce jungle sex and didnt realise it, and now will suffer the consequences. Said consequences being, namely, giving birth to a human child through a penis. Sounds like a whole new WORLD of pain…

OK, I got pregnant on the fourth try. It’s a girl! And lucky me, the father is my husband. Now, if only I had a husband, that would be good news indeed.

Pregnant on the first try.

And I know who the mother is, too:D

Ack! My mother always said I was so fertile I only had to bump into a guy a sneeze to get knocked up but this is excessive! First Time!

Well, duh. Doing that now. :slight_smile:

It’s a boy and the father’s my boyfriend. (Well that narrowed it down, anyway…;))

No, the first time. Second time, Yahoo couldn’t find my page. So, I’m pretty sure I’m not pregnant. I’ve been having weird food cravings lately, though.

Sigh. I clicked again and again, desperately seeking a different answer, but all for naught.

Yes. I admit it.

I’m pregnant.
With a girl-child.
Fathered by the mailman.
Who happens to be a woman.

Ye gods, is it any wonder I’m depressed?

Okay, I got pregnant on the first try. I was surprised, to say the least. But I’m happy, cuz it’s a girl.
What’s really upsetting me is that I am pregnant from my HUSBAND!! What’s that all about?! Has someone auctioned my virtue off on e-bay and I wasn’t even aware??

Oh dear…

Yay! Apparently, I’m finally expecting!

And it’s a girl!

Unfortunately, the father is Boris Yeltsin!! (The vodka made me do it!)

I guess that’s why hubby and I couldn’t conceive–I must have been waiting for some hot Russian love!

Negative on my first try. I was told that I should consider birth control. Apparently, that shot in my buttock was vitamins.
Second try, I am expecting a girl. With my husband. I guess that shot really was vitamins…

Oh thank God! I’m pregnant. And it’s a girl. Fathered by…Al Gore!!! :eek: (comment by the tester…So that’s what they mean when they say he’s wooden!)
Good thing I’ve had so much wild monkey sex in the last couple of months(read: none) so that this is a legitimate concern. :stuck_out_tongue:

Come on, spill the beans. Who?

2nd try, got pregnant by Boris Yeltsin. And I don’t even like vodka, hate it actually.

Boris has been a busy boy - he got me too (on the second try).

Ye gads, I’m pregnant at 43. By my boyfriend, and I certainly DO hope my husband doesn’t find out. Fortunately, my boyfriend turned 18 last September, so there’s THAT little worry taken care of. I’m expecting a girl.

What I can’t figure out is…how’d I get knocked up? It’s been almost a year since I’ve had a uterus and a pair of ovaries. I had them taken out last year on the 29th of March!

3 tries with no kid - just a warning that I should keep away from unprotected sex.

4th try and I am having a baby girl fathered by my husband.
I wonder who my HUBBY might be, how he managed to sneak in the office at 3:00 pm -with everybody around - to knock me up, and what my wife will say when seh learns:

  1. I have a hubby
  2. He got me pregnant
  3. Hi Opal, I am sending you 3 CD’s today!

Life sure is full of little surprises ain’t it??

I’m pregnant, it’s a girl, and the father is Bill Clinton :eek: How scary is that!

First try - I’m pregnant with a girl, and my boyfriend’s the father… Should I tell Maeglin? :smiley:

My momma was right, I really am a Fertile Myrtle. The very first click and I’m expecting a baby boy. I already have three of those at home though, so I was kind of hoping for another girl. However, the daddy is Bill Clinton. I really hope my husband doesn’t find out. :slight_smile:

On my second try, I found out that I’m going to be the mother of a beautiful bouncing baby girl. The father is my husband. I guess the vasectomy was faked.

By the way, are we all supposed to send Opal three cds now? Is this a new tradition?

I am pregnant too. I am having a baby girl and the father is the mailman.

I have never seen my mailman. I hope that he looks like my boyfriend so I can pass off the baby as his.

My mom would be so proud.