need to recreate an old recipe for peanut butter balls

I used to have an awesome recipe for peanut butter balls. It was very simple. I think that it was something like peanut butter, graham cracker crumbs, and powdered sugar for the inside, and melted chocolate chips for the outside. It may have had one or two other ingredients but it was really basic and they were SO good.

I’ve seen several other recipes and tasted several other peanut butter balls, most of which have ranged from “meh” to “bleh.” The ones that my fiancé’s grandmother makes, for example, have a mealy texture and don’t taste like anything and are rather gross to eat.

So does anyone know of a recipe that sounds similar to the one I used to have? I know for a fact that the recipe did not contain any paraffin, by the way.

My Dear Girl, you are in Ohio now. They are Called Buckeyes!

No, I’m a vegetarian girl from Arizona and calling them “buckeyes” grosses me out. (Not for sports reasons, but from dead-animal-body-part reasons). I will never call them that. Plus I’m leaving Ohio next summer anyway, most likely.

OOOhhhh… aren’t you special. Guess you set me straight.

:confused: errr, no, just saying why I personally don’t call them that and why I’m not likely to in the future. The name grosses me out.

ETA: and while the state I currently live in temporarily may favor that name, it is not the regional name that I have grown up with, nor are Ohio regional traditions my traditions, so why I should follow them–especially when they’re icky… just not seeing it.

so what do you call the nut from the Aeschulus glabra?

…An Aeschulus glabra nut?

I generally don’t call it anything, never having heard of it at all.
Do you really have such an amazing problem with the fact that calling a tasty peanut butter and chocolate snack by the name of a dismembered deer’s optical organ is not something that makes me go “yum!”

I’m sorry to have so offended you by not taking up your local slang for a food item, but I’m not from this area, I’m just temporarily living here. I was similarly repulsed by the idea of a food item called Shit on a Shingle when I lived briefly in the south. I guess that makes me a bad person.

Honestly… why do you care? I am just looking for a recipe.

Mods, can you close this thread? this is fucking absurd at this point.

It’s named after a tree nut, not an animal’s body part. :rolleyes:

That doesn’t make it any less gross to me. If something was named after the goat spleen bush it wouldn’t make me any more likely to eat it. Tha name sounds gross to me. I’m sorry that has so deeply offended you. I hope that some day you can get over it. In the meantime, the reality is that I do not now nor ever will I call peanut butter balls by the (a) stupid and (b) unappetizing term “buckeyes”. SO SORRY. I hope you live. Call 911 if you find yourself having major heart palpitations or anything.

A “buckeye” is a nut, not an animal part. It has nothing to do with a goddamn deer’s goddamn eye. You’re being unnecessarily rude and sanctimonious to somebody who gave you a polite answer to your question. Do you also get offended if somebody offers you an elephant ear?

Opal, just in case the other recipe isn’t quite what you remember, you might wish to give this one a try.

They have a little bit of Crisco (apparently about one gram per), which strikes me as a tiny bit odd for something that doesn’t get cooked.

But at least it isn’t lard. :wink:

As I said already, the name grosses me out. Whatever its origins, neither has anything to do with peanut butter with chocolate around it. I did not start out being rude, I started out by explaining that I found that term gross. I still do. No doubt the nut in question was named after the animal. Unless you believe that bucks are called so because their eyes resemble the nut of a tree that happens to be called a buckeye? Didn’t think so. It’s been this ridiculous pile on after me explaining “hey, I don’t call them that” that has been rude.

I’ve already requested that a mod close this absurd fucking thread.

This is the part that I found to be more egregiously confrontational, FWIW.

Thank you kylasdad99–that looks very similar to the recipe I used to use. Have you tried it? is it good?

No, I can’t say that I have tried it. But recipezaar has always been a helpful tool, and I just might give them a try this year.

Four cups of confectioner’s sugar, though. Loks like a trip to Costco for me!

It’s not just a regional tradition. The particuliar confection that you refer to has a naming convention and tradition that is pretty much a nationwide idiom. 770,000 hits for Buckeye Confection vs. 293,000 for Peanut Butter Balls. When I reside somewhere other I just naturally have an innate interest in the local perspective and traditions no matter my compunctions.

Pit thread for Opal

Dang. Whatever would make anyone think that a buckeye peanut butter confection could be confused with a dead (why dead exactly) buck’s eye. Live bucks don’t have eyes? Did you even bother reading the link **devilsknew **posted on the Ohio Buckeye tree? Where did it mention dead deer?

Incidentally, were you aware thisis also called a buckeye? Ewww, gross? Seriously?

ETA: Sorry for further hijacking this thread. I’ll take it to the pit.

The tree is called the “buckeye” because of the resemblance of its seeds to a deer’s eye, incidentally (cite). So it’s not like the connection is severed by observing the etymological relevance of the tree, just further abstracted.

I think many in this thread have been rather more touchy than necessary, but you should be able to kiss and make up… devilsknew did provide the recipe asked for in the link in post #2, no?

We make buckeyes every year.

1 lb margarine
2 lbs powdered sugar
2 lbs peanut butter

Mix the peanut butter and butter together. Slowly add in the sugar. Using a large stand mixer is the easiest way to do this, unless you want very sore arms. Roll the peanut butter into bite size balls. This takes forever so put on some good music and get help. Chill overnight, or in the freezer a few hours.

Dipping chocolate

2 packages of chocolate chips
1 cake paraffin (I suppose you can leave it out, since it just keeps the chocolate from melting easily)

Melt the paraffin in a double boiler, then add the chocolate.
Once it’s all melted, move to a comfortable surface and start dipping chocolate (with toothpicks. You’d think that’d be obvious but you never know.) We usually triple-dip and use the extra chocolate to make chocolate covered peanuts.

They are yummy and addictive, so it’s good that you get A LOT.

They’re named after the state tree of Ohio, due to their resemblance to the nut of that tree.