need web cam motion to sound/midi converter

I am lookking for some software that can take the output of a webcam and use it to either generate raaw numbers (which can be fed into a MIDI driver), or some other way of converting video motion to sound. It doesn’t have to be musical, but it has to be more than a warning “ping” that something has moved on the camera.

It is for an art project I am trying to design, an installation peice in which the motions of the people viewing it become art of the ambient audio experience.

Anyone got any ideas, or do I have to get medievial on some freeware video drivers?

Fullmetal lotus

If you have some programming skills, check out OpenCV. It’s a library for computer vision. It has wrappers for C, C++, and python, and has specific examples for interactive art projects.
Good Luck.

Pure Data seems to have the capabilities you want, and can certainly handle the algorithmic music generation side of things.