Need Wii Help With Star Wars Force Unleashed!

OK, so I got this game for my son, sight unseen, thinking we could play together. We can’t, unless we’re in duel mode, which is OK I guess, except the default is only three characters (Darth Vader, some other guy, and “The Apprentice”).

Anyway, I found some cheat codes to unlock some stuff but apparently you have to complete the first level (prologue) in order to enter them. I really just want to unlock the multiple characters for the duel mode so my son and I can slash each other.

So, I figure no big deal, I’m walking through the first map at a glacial pace, slaying wookies left and right, it’s fun, until…I meet the first rogue jedi.


Is there some kind of super secret move I’m supposed to be doing here? I kick his ass in lightsaber battles, stay close to him, try to avoid his force attacks, until…I seemingly HAVE TO slam him to the ground in my own force attack at some point in the battle, and every time I do, he rejuvenates.

OK, so I rejuvenate too, but…it goes ON AND ON and never ends. I can’t kill him. I get him to one point within his life and poof he’s back to his half power or whatever.

What am I doing wrong? I am frustrated!

I’ve not played it, but from the GameFAQ’s walkthrough I found, sounds like you’re missing a dreaded “quicktime event” (or, in the immortal words of Zero Punctuation’s Yahtzee “PRESS X TO NOT DIE”.

Small portion copied from:

Once his life hits about half way a small cutscene will play showing
that his Force attacks have stepped up but don’t worry any. Stick to
the same set of attacks; horizontal slices when close and saber throws
when far away. You can also choke him but it fails to connect often.
After his life hits about a quarter left an action scene will play.
Match the correct movements with either the Wiimote or Nunchuck and
Vader will disarm the Jedi and finish the fight in a fitting over the
top dark side manner.

Didn’t play the wii version, but I agree with the quicktime events. they were everpresent in the 360 version and you had to do them to defeat a boss.

the problem was that QTEs were a bit finnicky to get into, you have to be within a certain distance IIRC. A wiimote/nunchuck motion or button should come up on the screen and you gotta hit it pretty quickly.

Gah! I think I’ve tried that, but having to replay the level over and over just to get to him again SUCKS!

The quicktime events were the thing that frustrated me, which I imagine is also your problem–the game’s great in dual mode, btw, if insanely easy in single-player (which might also be of benefit to the younger set). Basically, if the Jedi’s health doesn’t go down past a certain point, try choking or grabbing him and then getting close and seeing if you get the quicktime events. Once you get the hang of them you’ll take him out the next time you see them pop up.

Slight caveat–the game is great in duel mode IF everyone is actually interested in learning the controls enough, and the controls are pretty easy to get a handle on but not if you’re going to try it for ten seconds and then just flail in frustration (as one of my buddies did when we broke this game out at my new years party).

I suggest the “force grab, then shake the remote to throw random scenery at them” move, myself.

Thanks, I finally figured it out. On that first Jedi, when it showed the nunchuk you already have him suspended in the air, so I thought it meant that the game wanted you to slam him into the ground a couple times, which always resulted in him regaining health afterwards.

I later realized that this was some kind of in-action cutscene, where the game wants you to “shake this controller”, then your player does something, then “shake the other controller” and he does something else.

I’m almost to the end of the game, I think. It’s quite a colorful and fun game to play, but pretty easy too (other than my intial failure to understand the quicktime thing).

I had the same problem, no worries. The duel mode’s only disappointment is lack of network play, though–it’s repetitive in that fighty game way, but all fighting games are. =P