Neighborly needs.

The game: List something that you currently need in your home that you do not have that you could reasonably borrow from a neighbor. It could be anything from a cup of sugar, to a screwdriver, to a wine bottle opener.

The next poster must have that thing that the above poster needs in order to post. That poster then lists his or her need.


I need a light bulb. (any wattage will do)

Sure, we have light bulbs of a variety of sizes and types.

At this precise moment, we’re out of milk.

I have maybe one eighth of a pint of milk in the fridge, but I think it’s gone off.

What I’m really after is some blueberries to put in my cereal tomorrow morning, as I forgot to buy some when I went to the shops earlier.

I have some blueberries, fresh or frozen, your choice.

But I’m fresh out of canned diced tomatoes.

Regular, petite or with Garlic & Basil?

Now I need a picture hanger.

Give me a minute… there’s one in the basement.

but I am out of corn meal…

I have stone ground or regular corn meal.

My son is begging me to go buy Goldfish crackers. Anyone got some?

Brought some with me to work tonight.

I need some Carpet Fresh…

Well. I’m not sure I have any of that. I do have some Fabreeze, though (which is better for your vacuum than carpet fresh) and I could use some aluminum foil.

I have a spare hat made of aluminum foil you’re welcome to. It unfolds to a couple of square feet.

Some hardware cloth to patch my Faraday cage would sure come in handy.

Heh, I have leftover pieces of hardware cloth (and every other size/gauge) in the shed.

Need a AA battery for my nose hair trimmer.

Anti-aircraft battery for your nose hair? Them’s some tough sprouts!

Oh, you mean a double a, sure, I have a tray full of assorted sizes plus a tester.

Now, anyone have a cup of brown sugar? I need it for my baked beans.

Yup have a bag of brown sugar.

Now is the time I borrow a leaf blower.

At 7:43 AM?! Ah, hell naw. Anyone lends kanicbird a leaf blower, I’m asking for a BB gun. :wink:

Sure, here’s a Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model – but be careful, or you’ll shoot your eye out.

Speaking of which, I could really use some Visine…

I have some leftover Visine from that terribly irritated eye infection I had about a year ago.

PLEASE! I’m out of toilet paper!

One roll of Kirkland tp coming up!

Anyone got some butter? I’m jonesing for cinnamon toast.

We just got a poopload of TP at Costco last weekend. But I guess Swamppruce doesn’t need that, so I’ll give him a stick of butter.

I could use some diatomaceous earth for these frickin’ box elder bugs.

Got a couple large bags right here.

But I’m gonna need a wheelbarrow to cart 'em over to your house.

Good thing I always keep a wheelbarrow around for my trips to Costco.

. Where did I put that case of Meow Mix? My poor cats are so hungry they are asking for it by name (meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, me–ow).