Nerdgasm: Star Trek: Captian Worf

For the love of Kahn, please let this come to fruition.
Possible new Star Trek Series
Dare one hope?

I’d heard rumors of this before… I think in an interview with io9 maybe? And Dorn has made a few very carefully phrased comments to people at conventions if fan-based rumors are true.

I love Michael Dorn so hard, and I would really really be thrilled to see a new Star Trek series. I was sad when Enterprise went off the rails so quickly, and I think that it’s telling that Next Generation/Deep Space 9 had the longest runs out of the various series.

The only potential downside I can see is that the obvious main conflicts for Worf are:

His Human raising vs his Klingon heritage, and they’ve already pretty well sorted that out.

Conflict between the Federation and the Klingon Empire, and they’ve already pretty well sorted that as well.
I really hope that it is true, and I hope that it succeeds.

This is a more recent article from the same site. The summary is that people in a position to make it happen are at least talking about a new series. Nobody knows when it would be set but speculation leans toward the rebooted universe around the time of the films.

I’d be pretty disappointed with that. I never bothered with Enterprise and would likely skip a series that was just more of the movies. But I’d be completely on board with Captain Worf.

A captain practically anyone can beat up? Didn’t we have one of those already?


I’d prefer if they do anything with Worf, to follow-up on the conclusion of DS9 with him as the intermediary between the Federation and the Klingons.

Michael Dorn is doing what George Takei did in the 90s: implying he may get a new show so he can drum up excitement so his Agent can talk to the powers that be, use the excitement as evidence there was an audience and get him the show. It didn’t work for Sulu either.

For the Record, I would love a new Star Trek show on TV. Not sure I would want this one though.

Hey, If FB and Twitter had been around then we would all be waxing nostalgic about ST:Sulu Gets All Cool and Gay right now.

I’d tune in to see Captain Worf if it ever made it to air, but I really doubt it ever will. The studio’s all about the Kirk/Spock/McCoy reboot movies now.

I’d GO with Worf but I’d be thinking about Sulu.

Thats probably the most likely explanation. Other than playing a future guy in a Dodge commercial he hasn’t been getting much work.

He’s got a secondary role on Castle - as a counselor - it’s hard not to laugh at times.

so would the show just be Captain Worf blowing up every ship they meet?

in the first encounter, Worf’s ship will be heavily damaged by the smaller scout ship - as the episode progresses, Worf will decide it is a good day to die, scream something in klingon and then manage to outsmart/beat the larger warship when it comes in.

Somewhere along the line, gack will be consumed with bloodwine and something on the bridge will blow up.

Acually, he does a decent job at it. I didn’t know it was him, but that voice kept sounding so familiar.

If this means going back to the Trek continuity, I’m all for it, no matter who’s starring.

I agree. The new movies may be visually impressive, but the plots are nonsensical and I’m not a fan of the new timeline crap.

Yeah, I was sort of wondering how Worf would fit into the Evil-Leaper timeline, too.

He plays the role fine - its the juxtaposition that I find hilarious -

PSXer wins the thread. :smiley:

They did just announce that Michael Dorn will be voicing Worf in the next issue and new missions of Star Trek Online, that may be what was heard.